Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's off to work I go!

Today I brought Ricky to work with me, it’s been an adventure so far but it’s been fun having him here. I only have to work ½ day today, because I have to work Saturday.

My step-dad’s brother passed away last week so he and my mother went to Kentucky for the funeral, and they got back late last night. His brother was 33 years old; he died of a brain aneurysm he wasn’t even sick. They had him on life support for a few days; they wanted to make sure that he was brain dead before taking him off of life support. I wasn’t sure they would be back from the funeral in time to watch Ricky today so I just made plans to bring him with me today.

He is playing with my Nextel calling Shirley; he doesn’t understand that he has to hold the button down while talking. But it’s sooo cute.

Well it’s taken me about an hour to type this up so I’d better go for now.

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