Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is everyone downsizing?

Well we have some nice things going on at work lately. They are getting ready to change the whole structure of our company as of the 1st of January. We are being told not to worry, but I went ahead and updated my resume just incase. What a nice Christmas gift!!

Last night my husband came home and told me that they are having a meeting at his work today, and they might be doing away with his location altogether. So the hits just keep on coming!!

Last night I had a crazy dream about work; so it is stressing me out too much already. It kept waking me up all hours of the night; I would fall back asleep and dream the same damn dream all over again. (I hate that!) Needless to say I'm tired as all get out today. The drive home will be interesting.

Hopefully this time next month we will both still have a job. The last time I looked for a job it took me 6 weeks before I found something, and that was just it SOMETHING!! I didn't stay there for long that's for sure.

The closer it gets to Christmas the more everyone has been thinking about Judy; last night Breanna came downstairs with a drawing of Judy (as an Angel) and our dog that died a few years back (Effie) and both of them had tears coming down because they missed us. Rick wanted to see and of course he started crying.

I called the funeral home last night to see when they would have Judy's headstone placed, and they had already placed it two days before. We were hoping that it would be there by Christmas.

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