Friday, December 01, 2006

I give up!

I’m guilty once again of reading everybody else’s blogs and neglecting my own. Some days I barley have time at work to do everything. I think I have finally relented to the fact that I have to get a home computer. I’ve been holding off all of these years because I don’t want my children contacted by some perv out there. Rick and I have discussed it and we are going to keep the computer downstairs where we can check up on what the kids are doing. I finally let the girls get a my space with the exception that they don’t give out their personal information, and they had to accept my mother as a friend so she can keep an eye on what they are putting out there. We’ve already had to make Courtney take off a couple of posts, but so far so good. They are only allowed to accept friends from school; if I can’t meet them they can’t add them. I know I’m a killjoy, but my 13 year old is not walking the halls of her school pregnant like some girls at her school are. Supervision people, that’s all I have to say.

The weather here is starting to turn NASTY!! We are supposed to get snow during rush hour this afternoon. YUCK!! I love a really good snow fall, but after we take the kids sledding, and have a snowball fight, it could just go away and not come back until next year for all I care. *Wishful Thinking* The winds knocked out my mothers power for about 2 hrs. she called me and said that after the lights went out she opened the front door to have a look and little Ricky was standing next to her and he said, “Is that a tormado, Grandma?” She said, “No that’s not a tormado.” Then they went inside and did some crafts. But seriously the wind is so strong my van was rocking from side to side, it looked like it was going to flip over. I’ll be glad when this weather system passes.

We live in a small town just outside of Indianapolis, and this weekend our community is having a Christmas festival. So I am taking the kids down tomorrow, they are going to have breakfast with Santa, a parade, and vendor booths set up all the way down the main street. It should be fun. If I remember, I’ll try to take some pictures to share next week.

I fell like a little kid anxious with excitement just waiting for Christmas. I really missed out on a lot of things last year, and I definitely want to make up for it now. Little Ricky and Breanna are still young enough where waiting is just driving them crazy. We got Ricky Monster Truck tickets to put in his stocking, and lucky for me Rick insisted that I go this year. (BOO) It’s so loud, and it’s held indoors so the fumes are horrendous, but I guess for the baby I’ll go. Khrys and Court don’t want to go, so we are just taking Ricky, Breanna, Rick, myself, and Uncle Charlie. Ricky is dying for him to come with us, so I bought him a ticket as well.

I’ve been thinking about Judy a lot lately, every time the phone rings I think it’s her… I miss her. Tears are welling up in my eyes right now just thinking about her. I know that she was my mother-in-law, but really she was so much more than that to me. She was my friend, and I loved her.

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