Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Everything looks good.

Well I went to the doctor’s yesterday for my cancer check-up and my blood work looks great. Although the (new) nurse blew out my vein; it is three different shades of purple today. I think everyone had an appointment yesterday I had to go to two different parking garages to find a place to park. So I was running a little short on time and I was trying to hurry up to the office, but on my way I saw some art work on the far right hand wall of course I didn’t have time to stop right then but I made it a point to go check it out after my appointment.

There were about eight framed art pieces; they all looked like they had some similarities to them. While I was looking at each piece and reading the captions a woman came up next to me and asked me what I thought about the artwork. I told her that it looked as if the same person drew all of the pictures. She said, “She did” and pointed to a picture next to the wall. (I kept looking at her and the picture to see if she was the artist, she was not, but she did look familiar) Along with the picture was some information on the artist, she also had Leukemia and actually had to have a bone marrow transplant. The woman that I was speaking with was a nurse at 5 North at I.U. Medical, the reason she looked so familiar was because she was one of my nurses when I was in the hospital. She asked me if I had to have a bone marrow transplant, and I told her no but I came real close. After my last hospital stay I received a phone call from my insurance company wanting to know if they had a date scheduled for my bone marrow transplant. I called my nurse thinking why haven’t they told me about this. She said, “No you’re not scheduled for a transplant, but you came real close!” So for everyone who prayed for me and my family this past year thank you very much, I know it helped. Anyways back to the story, every stage of treatment was shown in those drawings, and it just took me back. One picture was of a bald woman laying on a bed with a bag of chemo attached to her chest and the caption read, “Learning to accept poison as a gift” I was almost in tears. I had my camera with me and it never occurred to take a picture of the display. I’m on vacation next week, so I’m going to make Rick take me up there so I can get some pictures of the display. Those pictures really touched me deeply.

I was talking to my boss at work this morning, and he said that a woman at their church has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and they believe that it has spread to her liver as well. I didn’t want to tell him that that is not a very good sign at all, but I didn’t. When Judy’s cancer spread to her liver she was dead in about a month, but every person is different so please pray for this family, prayer can make miracles happen, I’m here because of it. This family from his church has 10 children the youngest is around 15-16. They are missionaries, not full time but anywhere from six weeks to six months out of a year. The father is a doctor and provides services to poor families through their work.

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chichimama said...

So glad everything came back well. What a wonderful early Christmas gift for you!