Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Update

Breanna & Shelby (& Ricky)
My Buddy (Courtney & Angel)

Well there was never a dull moment this weekend. Khrystyne had a friend stay the night (what was supposed to be Friday night, but ended up being all weekend). Courtney’s friend Angel was supposed to stay on Friday, but a show was on that she wanted to watch so I ended up taking Courtney out to her house, so Ange brought them back to my house on Saturday, and picked Angel up on Sunday. So my house was kid central all weekend long. Oh also on Saturday night Khrystyne and Amanda wanted to go all the way out to Greenwood to the Asylum House (haunted house) to play shadow tag. To say the least I did not want to drive them all the way out there at 8pm and go back up to pick them up at 11pm. We worked it out to where I dropped them off at a friend’s house that was also going, and then when they got back I picked them up from their friend’s house.

My boss at work handed out Turkey’s to everyone last Friday, and I was planning to cook it up on Sunday. Because we are making all of the rounds on Thanksgiving Day, so I won’t need to cook. Rick had a turkey dinner at work on Thursday, and Friday so he said, “No, don’t make that, I’m going to be sick of turkey by next Thursday.” So I wasn’t going to make it, I was just going to fix it next weekend. Then Sunday about 10:00 he says, “Aren’t you going to start that Turkey?” UGGH!! I told him that he said not to make it, but of course now he wanted it. So I had to hurry up and thaw out the turkey the rest of the way, and get dinner started. I gained four pounds yesterday, but it was sooo good. I have to hurry up and lose that weight before this Thursday so I can gain it back again. The fat woman’s diet, you’ve got to love it.

I get to leave work at 1 today, Yeah!! Maybe we’ll try to get in some Christmas shopping.

My mother called me yesterday to let me in on her Christmas plans this year. We have to be at her house by 1pm on Christmas Eve, she has invited My family (6 people), my sister and her family (6 people), my aunt Bonnie and her family (3 people), my aunt Jenise, my cousin Ashley and her kids (3 maybe 4 people depending on if she has her baby by then), my aunt Robin and her son, and my mom and her husband. So in total 23-24 people will be at my mothers house, now I’m here to tell you this house she just moved into is so small that it might be 950-1000 sq ft total so it is very small to say the least and defiantly not big enough for that many people. So I may have to call off or something because I hate being that crowded.

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