Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Styrofoam or not?

Watching smut T.V. last night (E.T. or Extra something like that) the story of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson came on (she being clad in a string bikini).

Khrystyne: *gasps* Her boobs are huge!

Me: Duh!!! Their implants.

Khrystyne: They have a new implant now, it’s Styrofoam!!

Me: What?

Khrystyne: They have a new thing to do implants now, it’s Styrofoam!!

Me: Styrofoam?? Are you sure? What are they going to put two big Styrofoam balls into a woman’s chest?

Khrystyne: UGH!! No they have a way to put it in you as a liquid form.

Me: Are you sure? If it were to rupture something like Styrofoam would kill you once it’s in your blood stream.

Khrystyne: Yes, I’m sure, Katie’s friend had a boob job and that is what they used.

(Me laughing hysterically)

Rick: (coming down the stairs) What are you talking about?

(Me recounting the whole conversation; Rick laughing hysterically, Khrystyne headed for the stairs because she is done with this conversation.)

Me: Khrystyne, are you sure you don’t mean silicone?

Khrystyne: (red in the face) Oh yeah! That’s it… (running upstairs)


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