Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Road to Freedom

Ricky & Breanna

I’ve been coming down with something again. Who knows what, but it is starting to kick my butt. I’ve noticed since chemo treatments that whenever I start to get sick I’m treated to a preview several days in advance, and then wham I can hardly hold my head up. Hopefully it won’t stick around for long this time.

We have been trying to talk little Ricky into sleeping in his own bed, up until this week it was hit or miss. If he was asleep when we went up for bed, we would deposit him onto his bed on our way to bed, but if he was awake NO CAN DO! I finally came to my limit with the way this was going, so I’ve started making him go to bed when Breanna goes to bed, most of the time we have to read him a book and stay with him until he falls asleep. Which I won’t mind doing for a week or so until he gets comfortable going to bed on his own. But man does it ever feel good to have a bed to ourselves now. Ricky is 4 ½ years old so he is not small by any means, and he likes to lay sideways so either his head or his feet were always in my back.

Last night I went to pick Khrystyne up from one of her friend’s house, and I told Rick when I left to put Breanna and Ricky to bed while I was gone. When I got home he was just coming downstairs and the older two went on up to bed. Rick and I were sitting in the living room (peace and quit for once) and he looked over at me pouting and said, “I miss Ricky, this is our time with him when everyone else is asleep!” to which I responded, “Too bad, you’ll get over it.” And went back to watching T.V.

Ricky is our youngest, and our most spoiled. I had Khrystyne and Courtney sleeping in their own beds at six weeks old, through the night. Breanna was a couple of years old when we moved her bed into her own room (due to a very scary staircase, but at least she was sleeping in her own bed). Ricky still gets up in the middle of the night, at almost five years old; he is seriously wearing me out. When he goes to bed on his own he usually sleeps through the night, so I would think that Rick would welcome this, since he is always complaining about Ricky sleeping in between us.

Ricky came into my room around 3:30 this morning, and woke me up. I just assumed that he was getting in bed with us so I just went back to sleep. A few minutes later he woke me up again, and said, “Mommy I want you to come to my bed.” So I went to his room and laid down with him, he was sound asleep in five minutes. So I got back up and went to bed and he didn’t wake up again. This was definitely a first, because he has never asked for that before. (Yeah!)

I’m on my way to freedom… Now if I could just get rid of that thing in my bed that snores and farts all night long… Ah well, baby steps, baby steps.

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