Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just one night, Please... SLEEP

Ricky with a milk mustache

12:31 am 12:31 am 12:31 am 12:31 am 12:31 am 12:31 am


(I opened my eyes under a sleepy haze; I look up to see sad puppy dog eyes)

"Do you want me to lie down with you in your bed?"

"YEP!" (Spinning around on one heel and running towards his room)

*Moan* try to walk, lose footing, stumble into wall, bounce off of door. *Moan* Get into bed with my son… 2.2 seconds later he is sound asleep (no joke). Wait 15 minutes to make sure, arm throbbing, head hurting, go back to bed 12:48 am…1:02…1:20… 2:10… 3:07… 4:45… NEVER GOING BACK TO SLEEP… 5:11 a.m. alarm going off, time to wake up the kids. Wanting to change my mind about making him sleep in his own room, but I’m soooo close I can’t give up now.

Getting ready to leave for work this morning, I called mother, “Did you say that Breanna and Ricky can stay the night?” (I know she said next week, but decided to try my luck) “MMMM, well, yeah go ahead; they can stay tonight.”

Running to bedroom to pack two small suitcases before I leave for work; I was brought up where you don’t have to tell me twice!!

I will sleep tonight.

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