Saturday, November 11, 2006

Family UGGH!!!

William 2yrs old

I'm currently at my mothers house, my sister is having a birthday party for her two year old son. Can I please say that my sister has never been on time for anything in her life? I have been here for one hour and she is just now starting with GAMES!! She invited some people from her church which she failed to mention (to me and my mother), she had asked mom if she could have the party at her house I'm sure so that she didn't have to clean her own. The people that she invited all have one or more children under the age of two, and they are crying... I am so ready to blow this place. The are in there playing pin the tail on the donkey with kids that can barley walk, they tried putting a blindfold on one of the kids and they started wailing.

Well I'd better get back to the activities, I'll post an update on Monday...

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