Friday, November 17, 2006

Children, How we love thee.

Angel & Shelby
Two Crazy girls... Angel & Courtney

The other night I was on my way to the kitchen and Rick said, “When you come back bring the Tums with you.” Well I was going to be awhile (laundry etc…) so I pulled the Tums out of the cabinet and chucked them over the half wall at him. Well I had just changed my centerpiece on the coffee table and I had a very tall candle so the bottle of Tums bounced off of the candle smacked into the wall popped off the lid and sent Tums flying everywhere. (OOOPS!) Rick was covering his head in a shower of Tums. In between hysterical laughter I went back into the living room to help pick up hundreds of pieces of Tums, Rick says, “I think some Tums went up my ass.” To which I replied, “Those are the ones you’ll be eating, don’t put them back in the bottle.” (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

I went to Ange’s house last night for a Mary Kay party, not a lot of people showed up but I really had a good time. Courtney came with me, because I had to leave work early to take her to the doctor’s which is another story, but Ange has a daughter just a little younger than Courtney so they entertained each other. Her little baby is sooo cute. I’m still just so excited for her.

On my way home last night I called Rick to let him know that I was coming home, and he said that Ricky was laying on the couch waiting for me. I said his bed time is 8 o’clock why don’t you just put him to bed. To which Rick replied he wants to see you, and he started crying “With Real Tears and Everything!” To which I replied, “As opposed to fake tears, you know he’s got your number buddy.” He said yeah I know I’m a sucker. So anyways when I got home Rick said that Ricky was sleeping on the couch when I walked into the living room like he sensed me or something he rolled over; looked straight at me, and said mommy will you go lay down with me. So I took him upstairs and laid down with him and by then he was wide awake and wanted to tell me about his whole day, so almost and hour later I got to go back downstairs.

Courtney stayed home from school yesterday; she was pale and had not been feeling well all this week. So I sent her to my mothers. Well my mom called me at work and said that Courtney had told her that her head has been hurting all week; she has been really tired, and very thirsty. My mother is a diabetic so she immediately took out her kit to test Courtney’s blood sugar, which read 309… So I hung up from her and called Courtney’s doctor and made her an appointment. I had to go talk to my boss to let him know that I needed to leave, this right after a meeting on attendance, but of course he understood and I left to go take her to the doctors, Dr Smith asked her a few questions, some more family history questions, he looked her over, and then he sent us to Saint Francis Hospital to have some blood work done. So we should know this afternoon if my 13 year old daughter had diabetes. UGGH!
I just got a call from Dr Smith's office, and she is not diabetic... Thank God.

Khrystyne was is some serious hot water on Wednesday night when me & my husband came home from work, to find some teenage girls in the house that we didn’t know were there. I had Rick take the girls home; Courtney took the babies upstairs to watch cars in my bedroom, and then me and Khrystyne had it out right then and there. Let’s just say that from now on when my mother comes over to pick up Breanna after school; that she will also be picking up two teenage girls as well.

Breanna finished up her prednisone yesterday, but it didn’t do anything for her asthma at all. If anything she is raspier than last week. I’ll have to take her back to the doctors on Monday. That and she now has yet another loose tooth. This time it is one on the top; by the time Christmas gets here she will have lost all four front teeth. Christmas pictures this year will be put away for blackmail in the future.

I have found an extreme amount of joy in embarrassing my older two children any time the opportunity presents itself. When Khrystyne first started wearing bras we walked into the department store and I said in a very loud voice, Khrys we need to look at bras while we’re here. She immediately took off running down the aisle trying to put as much distance between herself and me that she possibly could. So of course I had to repeat myself even louder than before, I had never in my life seen someone turn three shades of red, but man how funny. Since then I have found an extreme amount of joy at attempting to get even with them for all of the times they have ever thrown fits in the middle of the store, said embarrassing things in front of people, or just simply ever crossed me.

For example: (this really wasn’t her fault, but then again it was) One year on Easter Sunday we had of course made all of the rounds with our families, and the kids all day long ate, & ate, & ate, regular food as well as candy, and hard boiled eggs. (First off who was the person who said, “Let’s have a holiday were we feed our kids chocolate and eggs all day long?”) I had told Khrystyne to stop eating candy way early in the day but every time I would walk out side or into another room she would be eating. After we left Rick’s grandmothers house we decided to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. In the main isle where the butter, cheese and meat were at Khrystyne says, “I think I’m going to be sick!” no sooner than she said that; she threw up everywhere. Rick was standing there completely grossed out, and I did what any mother would do… I walked away as fast as my legs could carry me, yelling over my shoulder, “I’m going to go find someone to clean that up.” Rick was standing behind me yelling, “UH UUH, get back here!” but by then I was out of sight. That girl had thrown up practically whole eggs, (I swear she never chews up her food) it was sooo gross. By the time I got back someone was already sectioning off the area to be cleaned, and I took Khrystyne to the bathroom to clean up her shoes, we ended up throwing her pantyhose away in the bathroom. But how embarrassing is that? Like I said I have a lot of catching up to do.

Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my memories today, have a good weekend.

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