Thursday, November 02, 2006

Amber Alert: Cancelled...

The past couple of days we’ve had an Amber Alert in our state for 16 year old Stephanie Wagner, today sadly she was found in a cornfield just six miles from her home. They have already made an arrest in her case 51 year old Danny Rouse who just this year had been paroled for “MURDER”. Stephanie went missing after work on Halloween night, and almost immediately they focused on this individual. He worked at the same restaurant that Stephanie worked at, and had worked there for all of two whole weeks. Danny in his infinite wisdom showed up for work on Wednesday where he was taken into custody.

Now over the past two days we were told that she was missing, and they gave a name and description of the person they believed to be involved and that she was in grave danger. The thing that they did not tell us was that on October 29, 1979 he murdered a child and left his mother for dead, after she rejected his advances he told her that he would leave if she would give him another beer, on her way to the kitchen he came up behind her and stabbed her multiple times until she pretended to be dead and fell limp to the floor at which time he went into her 5 year old son’s bedroom and cut his throat. He was sentenced to 3 life sentences. But for some reason the Kansas Parole Board decided this year that he had served his time and he was released on parole, and somehow he managed to make his was to the state of Indiana. Gene Isaacs, Cass County Sheriff stated, “We had no idea he was in our community… We had no idea in our county that he was in the area; I don’t even think we knew this person existed.” So almost 27 years to the day he murdered yet another child. She was the same age as my oldest child…

One: Was this man not on parole?

Two: Can they not keep better tabs on a convicted child murder?

Three: Where are our rights? The rights of the innocent law abiding citizens who are raising our families, and trying to be productive citizens.

Here is a post from the father of the little boy (who’s name is Jason by the way), it is a copy of a letter that he sent to the parole board on many occasions. This monster was up for parole every three years. Leaving this poor family to live through their nightmare over and over again. They were even sent a letter from the district attorney stating, "Inmate Rouse is currently housed at the Lansing Penitentiary. It is my understanding that while his parole elegibility date is October, 1997 [and every three years thereafter], it is not likely that with three life sentences that he will be released." Could you even imagine Jason's family getting the letter notifying them that Danny Rouse had been paroled? (Because you know the Kansas parole board did not tell them in person) I would hate to be the parole boards’ conscience right about now. You know that they will look at criminals in a completely different light from here on out, and if they don’t shame on them.

In a heart wrenching post by Jason’s father, he goes back and shares some memories of his deceased son.
Could you even imagine the heartbreak this family is feeling all over again? The anger that Stephanie Faye Wagner’s family must be feeling right now? All I can say is I am glad that I live in a state where the death penalty is still allowed. People like this should definitely never; never be allowed to see the light of day again. EVER.

Rest in Peace Stephanie. We will all be praying for your family during this difficult time…

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Gwynnethe said...

3 life sentences and he's out on parole. UnbeLIEVEable.

Makes you wonder how balanced our justice system is.