Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why do mothers eat their young?

The devil herself...

Let me start off by saying, “I know why!” Last night on my way home from work my 13yr old called me up, and started going into great detail of an argument that her and her friend Angel (my best friends daughter) had gotten into. Apparently Angel and her boyfriend had broken up the day before, and no sooner than that happened he started emailing my daughter. Courtney told me that Angel had told her that she didn’t care if she talked to him, because she didn’t like him anymore. I told Courtney not to talk to that boy, that it would cause problems between her and Angel and it wasn’t worth it. Did she take my advice? Of course not. Anyways, yesterday the boy I think his name is Zach started IM my daughter, then Angel joined in on the fun and before you know it they are calling each other names I believe the B word was exchanged both ways, and Angel told Zach she didn’t know why he liked Courtney anyways because she is fat. Well in my house especially with this particular daughter those are fighting words, before it was all over my mother and my friend were both putting in their two cents, so Courtney called me in attempt to keep herself out of trouble to give me the 411, and I let her know straight up that I did not want to know about it, that I wasn’t getting pulled into all of her drama.

So what happens today you may ask? I get a phone call at work half way through the day and its Courtney again… Just calling to let me know that she just got suspended from school for three days…

Me: What for?
C: For Fighting.
Me: With whom?
C: (ineligible)
Me: What happened?
C: She shoved me, I shoved her back, and she pulled my hair, so I hit her.

At this point I’m not really getting a straight answer from her, and she is being kind of snotty like someone was listing to our phone call, so I ask her who is she with while she is making this call to me. The Vice Principal, she answered. Put her on the phone.

Me: I’m not really getting a clear answer from Courtney as to what happened?
VP: Me neither, all I can gather is that they were arguing over someone’s hair color, they shoved each other, pulled each others hair, and started slapping each other in the face.
Me: Can she bring home her school work so she can make it up while she is out?
VP: Sure she can bring home all of her books so she can study, but she cannot make-up any work because she is being suspended, she will however be allowed to make up any test or quizzes that she missed.
Me: Ok, Thank you.

When Courtney walked in the door she called me right away in full talking mode ready to fill in all of the blanks. She went into the girl talking about her, and her confronting the girl and being told that she did not have to explain herself to Courtney. Courtney informed her that if she had something to say about her to say it to her face. At that point the girl shoved Courtney, and was shoved back. The girl pulled Courtney’s hair (such a no no) Courtney pulled her hair back. Then slap, slap, slap, slap they were on their way down to the office. The gym teacher told Courtney that she did not have to hit the girl back that she could have just settled it with words, and that she had not right to hit her back.

We will just say that I’ve had a problem with this school in the past with my oldest daughter, she was jumped by a high school kid on the bus (when she was still in JR HIGH) I called to file a complaint and they ended up suspending my daughter for hitting that girl one time in self defense. I asked the very same vice principal (that I spoke to today) that if what she was telling me was that my daughter had no right to defend herself when being attacked, she avoided the question until I asked it for about the 20th time with a very raised voice, and her response was that they had a zero tolerance in their school system so no she did not have the right to defend herself. At which point I informed her that, that was BULLSHIT, and my daughter would take the suspension off of the bus for three days, but if it ever happened again that she would more than have my blessing to defend herself. Then I hung up on her. That girl had hit my daughter in the head several times, and slammed her head into the window so hard that it broke her glasses. Please do not think for a minute that as soon as I heard about it that I wasn’t down at that girl’s house knocking on their door. I know for a fact that her and her brother were home but they never answered the door, and their parents must not have been home. I went there several times, but never got a hold of anyone. Trust me I wanted too.

The answer to the age old question: Why do mothers eat their young? Because they cause too much damn drama, and stress us the eff out. THAT’S WHY.


Anonymous said...

So Im a devil now the true colors are comeing out!!!!

Spanky Myass said...

Only you and I know how you truly behave behind closed doors honey.