Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What the hell was I thinking????

The 1st wave of kids...

Khrystyne & Katie

What the hell was I thinking????

That’s what I kept asking myself all night long!! I did all of the shopping on Friday and started laundry, and did some cleaning. On Saturday I finished cleaning, cooked, and decorated. Within ten minutes of all of the kids arriving you couldn’t even tell that I had cleaned.

Khrystyne had asked me last week if I could print off some extra invitations because she had lost some of them. So I did. Let’s just say that she is a big fat liar!! I told her that she could invite 40 kids over, there were defiantly more than that. They tracked mud in on my carpet, spilt pop on my carpet, so I finally sent them all out to the garage, or by the fire pit in the back yard. One of Khrys’ friends burned her a CD with dance music, and I heard more than one kid say that it was rave music, and let me tell you they all thought that they were actually at a rave. I have never seen so many kids dancing so nasty in my life, I was sick as a dog by Saturday night because I really over did it trying to get everything bought and set up, I almost passed out several times. So I sent my sister Holly out to supervise. Let’s just say she needed someone out there to supervise her, because more than once I would go out there and see kids making out, she would be dancing with the kids, she was pretty much toast herself. So I told Rick that I was not up to it but that he would have to check up on them every once in awhile. So he would coming running in the house saying, “you should see how your daughter is out there dancing” (notice how she is my daughter when it is something that he disapproves of) then he would go out to the garage and turn on a really bright spot light and shine it on all of the kids, he would come running back into the house laughing say how when he did this they would scatter like cockroaches. Towards the end of the night when he would turn the light on they would all yell and boo.

After most of the kids came, a whole group of kids showed up, and in less than two minutes later another kid pulled up in his car and one of the girls (Ava) from the group ran out and jumped onto the hood of his car she put a huge dent in the hood of the car and tore off the emblem. (Honestly I was not even aware that this group had even showed up) So I got Khrystyne in the house and told her that if they did not settle down right now I was going to make them all go home. She went out and told Ava and her group of friends, and they said that her party was boring anyways and they left. THANK GOD! (I’ve heard many things about this girl, and to say the least I am not a fan)

All in all though it wasn’t too bad; just a bunch of 16-18 year olds trying to have a good time. (With a lot of restrictions:)

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Anonymous said...

Hi April, I am so happy to hear that your testing went well. That had to be a good feeling. I know you have a while yet to go before your considered cancer free, but hang in there, you're off to a good start.


Sounds like the party was a hit, I can just picture Rick, having a few drinks, shining the spotlight on the kids and laughing, kind of reminds me of Cliff. (so are you and Rick considered the cool parents now). I've notice the same thing, when Tracee and Lindsay do things that are offensive, their my daughters and I am instructed to talk to them. It's just a man thing.