Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Fun

Well this past weekend was a real treat; I took Khrystyne, Courtney and two other girls to a haunted house on Friday night, some of Khrystyne’s friends from school work at this haunted house. We got there at 8pm, and I think we finally left around 10:30pm. I went by my cousins’ house to visit, while the girls waited in that ridiculous line at the haunted house. Khrystyne’s two friends from school stayed the night; they were pretty quiet so I really cannot complain.

On Saturday, I took Courtney and Breanna for their eye appointment, and neither one of them needs glasses as of yet (yeah). We went back to the house, and took the girls home, dropping off Khrystyne for the night with one of them. Then I took Courtney shopping for her Halloween costume, she is such a brat, on the way up to the counter after being there for over an hour already she started throwing a fit because it was not the costume that she wanted. I offered to take her back to keep looking, and she said, “you won’t let me get what I want anyways.” So I asked her what she wanted, she wanted to go as a sexy nurse. Now the girl is 13 years old, it was never going to happen in the first place, so I made her buy the werewolf costume that she already had in her hands, but she wasn’t happy about it. Ask me if I care??? Me and the kids went home for after that, and waited for Rick to get off of work. By the time he got off of work we decided to go to the grocery store (ON A SATURDAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, with Rick and the three kids.) What was I thinking? My grocery bill ended up double, and I AM NOT KIDDING!!! Again Courtney came up to me wanting something that she knows I’ve said no to a million times, but she came up asking anyways. She wants to get her nose pierced, again she is 13 yrs old so it was never going to happen in the first place, but she got all pissed off anyways. So she walked through the store with her nose all twisted out of joint, again, please ask me if I care? There are some things that I am just not willing to bend on; one of the biggest is having any kind of piercing on the face. It will just never happen. She has threatened in the past to do it herself, but if she does it had better be a clip on because I will rip it right on out of there, and hopefully by now she realizes that this is true.

Sunday, we just did house work, laundry, and I had my cousin and her family over for dinner. We had turkey, mashed potato’s, gravy, stuffing, green beans, corn on the cob, rolls, and for desert we had brownies (brought by my cousin) and hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. For some reason Rick likes to have turkey the month before Thanksgiving (maybe to practice). We all had a pretty good time though. Then after everyone left last night I got sick as a dog. I ended up having to sleep on the couch because my back and stomach hurt so bad, it was killing me to lie in the bed. I honestly tried not to over do it yesterday, but I guess I’ll have to do a better job finding my limits.

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