Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend, catch up

Today is my final monthly visit to my Oncologist for my Leukemia, hopefully everything will go well. I’m doing much better since I got over that terrible cold, and I’m sure my blood work will come back fine today. So the next time that I’ll have to go to the doctors will be in December. Hey, I’ll take anything that I can get at this point. I am just so grateful that I have stayed in remission for a whole year. Most people that have Leukemia fall out of remission within 8-10 months (that’s not a study by the way, that’s from people that I met getting chemo from a second bout with Leukemia). It still doesn’t feel like I’ve been in remission for a year, probably because I still had to take chemo through January of this year. Man it seems like a lifetime away, but still fresh at the same time??

Saturday, I got some more shopping in for our Halloween party for this coming Saturday; got some housework done, and then my sister Holly called and asked if I was still coming to Gina’s party. Of course I had forgotten all about it, but I told her that I would check with Rick and let her know. Once he got home from work I brought it up to him, and finally he decided that we could go see what it was about. So we got all of the kids together and went on over. OMG!!! It was crazy, they had a huge bonfire going (I swear they had three small trees on the fire), they have a huge pole barn with a loft including a full service bar, foose ball table, and a pool table. They had a huge stereo system going, food for miles (it was a hog roast) and more liquor than needed to be there. Rick danced with all of the kids except for Khrystyne, because Khrys doesn’t dance. We will say that Rick start off with a fifth of Jim Beam, and three beers, once we left the party (I was driving of course) he started drunk dialing I don’t know how many people, and finally got a hold of his sister. He asked if I could take him to the bar that his sister was at.

Me: NO, we have the kids in the car.
Rick: Please, Please, I never get to go out with my sister.
Me: NO
Rick: April, April, April, Please, come on get off at this exit.

Passing up exit…

Rick: Oh man, April please let me go see my sister, I’ll give you $20 for just 10 minutes, you can drop me off, take the kids home, and then come back and pick me up.
Me: NO
Rick: Why not?
Me: I’m not taking you to the bar, going home, coming to pick you up, and then going back home, plus I’m not going to leave the kids alone at one o’clock in the morning.
Rick: OH!
Me: I’ll take you there for 10 minutes, and wait in the parking lot with the kids, and you will give me $20.00.

The real treat was watching him try to put his boots on… We pulled up to the bar and he took off running for the door, about 12 min later him and his sister comes back out, both of them drunk as skunks.

Rick: you trust Shannon right?
Me: Yeah.
Rick: Well she’ll bring me home, OK?
Me: No way, you’re coming home with me.
Rick: April, April (I guess he wanted to make sure I knew my name) Please.
Shannon: No Poo you need to go home with your wife and kids.

So we finally talked him into going home, the next day I found out what he drank in those 10 minutes. EIGHT DRINKS…. I will finish the story tomorrow, it gets much better, and I have to get to the doctors.

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