Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Homework was just stressing me out.

Shhh... she's having a hard time.

Once again I find myself writing about one of my children, this time it is my sixteen year old, Khrystyne. Now one would think that at the age of sixteen you would not need your mother hovering over your shoulder making sure that your homework gets done, or your room gets cleaned or whatever else sixteen year olds have to do. Well you would think that anyways wouldn’t you?

Two weeks ago I got onto her school website to check up on her grades at that time she had an A in her science class (great, right), well this morning I realized that their report cards should be coming in anytime, because Breanna had a parent teacher conference Monday at which time I was given her report card. So I asked Khrystyne this morning, have you already taken your finals? “YES” was the answer that I received. Well the problem was that she never once mentioned having to get ready for finals, nor did I ever once see her crack open a book to study for finals. So today when I got to work I checked her account at school, and low and behold she now has an “F” in science, and being the end of the nine weeks she now has no time to make up SIX assignments that she got “0’s” in. Now in case you missed it I said “0”, she did not even attempt to do any work in the past two weeks in this class at all. To say the very least I am not a very happy camper.

I called her (she stayed home from school today because she was sick) and asked her if there was anything about her school work that I should know?
K: No
ME: How on earth did you go from having an A two weeks ago to an F today in Science?
K: An F?
Me: Yes, an F, please explain this to me.
K: I don’t know.
(Is this the teenage universal answer to everything?)
Me: Well let me read off your grades for the past two weeks, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F. What did you do? Deceide not to do any work at all, and not tell me about it? Why didn’t you do any of this work?
Me: What?
K: Homework stresses me out.
Me: Well why wasn’t your in school work done either?
K: I don’t know.
Me: Well I’ll tell you what, all of your plans for this weekend, the friend coming over, the haunted house, cancel them, because you are grounded for nine weeks. There are two boxes in your sisters room go get them and pack up everything in your room, games, Cd’s, TV, stereo… everything pack it up, if it isn’t your bed, dresser, or your clothes, I want it in boxes.
K: What about my stereo that you got me for my birthday?
Me: Pack it up.
K: Why? It doesn’t do anything
Me: Well apparently it stresses you out. Pack it up.


Needless to say she is no longer a happy camper either. I’ve already got emails out to her teachers and counselors so a whole lot of people will now be breathing down her neck for the next nine weeks. Ahhh… Motherhood how I love thee.

My youngest two will be spending the night with my mother tomorrow, so Rick and I will be going out to dinner or something, because “Children stress me out.” And Lord knows I need a break. The only thing that I know is when my children are all grown up and moved away, it will be so quiet, that it actually scares me a little bit. (But I’m sure I’ll adjust:)

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