Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting Ready for a Party

The begining of the decorations; notice Breanna's black cat.

Not so much happened last night, I left work early because I had a parent teacher meeting with Breanna’s teacher. She is doing very well, the teacher said that she almost always gets 100% on all of her assignments, and if she does miss anything it’s just one. So it was a very short meeting. Which was good enough for me, because I was so tired yesterday, I could hardly see straight. I went home and said hi to the kids and Rick and I walked my butt upstairs around 3:00 and went to bed. They woke me up once to let me know that they were going to McDonalds. Then little Ricky came upstairs around 7:20 and climbed in bed with me (he was cold), so I finally got up around 7:30 and hung out with the family for a little bit, and then I went back to bed.

Courtney will go back to school tomorrow, for one day, and then she will be on fall break for Thursday and Friday so they are teaching her a really good lesson for fighting. They should have put both girls on in school suspension and after school suspension, and made them do a little community service. Now that would have taught them more of a lesson.

I don’t have much planned for today I’m going to try to get out of work early again today if I can pull it off, the girl that works with me is going to leave early Wednesday, and Thursday so this will be the only day that I can manage to get out of here. It’s getting too close to the holidays’ I hate working especially when it rains or snows, and today it is raining.

My boss dropped off a whole bunch of Halloween decorations at my house on Sunday for Khrystyne’s birthday party; I think I counted six totes, plus some extra things that didn’t even fit into the totes. We have just one weekend left before her party to get all of this stuff set up, and whatever else we have left to get done around the house like clean the carpets, and clean up the garage, which is currently storing all of Rick’s mothers things. So we really still have a lot of things left to do. And for some reason I still have a huge list of things to buy for her party, I thought that I had a good start on it, but yesterday I made up a list of everything that I still had to get, and it was pretty considerable.

I’d better get back to work, and try to fake sick so I can get out of here. Later.

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