Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finishing yesterday's story...

Rick, one of the multiple time he passed out, and right before getting sick...

Finishing yesterday’s story… After we leave the bar

Rick: I have to go to the bathroom, pull over
Me: No, the kid’s are in the car.
Rick: Oh man, I can’t hold it, until we get home.
Me: You’d better.

Swerving the car… pushing hard on the brakes when we come to a light…

Rick: OHHHHH, you need to pull over; really
Me: I don’t think so, you’ll have to wait until we get home, we’re almost there.
Rick: We are? Oh, ok. Man it’s a good thing you’re driving, because I can see that the light is red but that’s about it.

When we finally got home he takes off running for the door. No shoes, keys in hand, trying over and over again to put the key into the keyhole, with no luck, the girls finally say God dad, you can’t even unlock the door. Right then the key goes in and he takes off running for the bathroom, keys still in the door, and me carrying Ricky into the house (he was asleep before we left Gina’s driveway) I laid little Ricky down on the loveseat, and Rick comes back into the living room, and sits down on the arm of the loveseat, we’re talking and he leans backwards, I pushed him back up and told him not to fall onto the loveseat because Ricky was sleeping there. So he stays upright for a few minutes, and starts to lean backwards again, I pushed him back upright again, and said if you fall on him you’ll break his legs don’t fall backwards on this couch. So a couple of minutes later in sloooww motion… he kind of falls forward onto the floor and instantly started snoring, VERY LOUDLY!! Breanna goes, “Man, daddy sure fell asleep quick!” Sure enough he was passed out. So I started getting the other kids on their way to bed. Rick would come in and out of conscientiousness in the meantime, and then he rolled over and hit the glass on the T.V. stand I thought it was going to shatter, and he rolls over onto his stomach. A few minutes later he looks up and says: afjdioafhewqjknsdkajjfdkaj

Me: What?
Rick: alksdfjasuhfuafo0dis
Me: What?
Rick: adfkljaoowl
Me: You need a bowl?
Rick: YEAH!!

So I ran to get him something to get sick into, on my way I said can you just go to the bathroom? NO! I got him a bowl, but I knew that he had been drinking all night so I went to get him a bucket, and when I came back to the living room he was passed out in the bowl face first. So I changed it out for him, which at this point he had not gotten sick just yet, and as soon as I got it changed out it was on. I got pictures and all, he was yelling at me to stop taking pictures, but of course I didn’t, ALTHOUGH I will save you from actually seeing the pictures, but we will just say in between heaves he would yell fu*king beer and pork!! I told him, “you would’ve been alright if it was beer instead of whisky.” The next day Shannon called and said as soon as Rick walked into the bar someone handed him a beer and he swallowed it in one gulp, then someone else handed him a jack and coke, and then patrone, and so on; eight drinks in 10 min. now the truth came out, that’s the real reason that he was sick. But all in all it was a fun night up until the vomiting, but that was still funny.

I went to the doctor’s yesterday, and everything is looking good. Yeah! I asked the doctor if getting to one year was a good thing, he said, “yeah, but two years will be even gooder!” Katie (his nurse) looked at him funny, I tried not to laugh. But that’s what 12 years of college will get you, no I’m just kidding I love my doctor.

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Gwynnethe said...

YAY!!!! Congratulations on your successful year. Start counting...