Friday, October 06, 2006

Chemo Brain

When I was undergoing chemo treatment for my cancer the end of last year/first part of this year, I was having a problem with a real hazy feeling, or cloudy feeling in my head. I would start to talk about something and then totally lose it. My nurse said that I had “Chemo Brain”, I thought that it sounded kind of funny, but after talking to other cancer survivors, and reading some research online I realized that it is a true affliction.

After coming back to work this past February, I’ve still had a difficult time with my memory (and trying to stay focused on one thing, and following through with it is almost a joke) but recently I’ve been looking into it more and more. I’ve found that “Chemo Brain” can affect you from one to two years. Today I found where researchers say, “the condition may be linked to brain metabolism and blood flow changes that can endure for more than a decade.” Now I’m here to tell you if I have to deal with this for ten years it will drive me totally crazy. It is so irritating to me to be in mid sentence and completely forget what it is that I am talking about, or to start on a task first thing in the morning, and end up having to staying ½ after work because I keep getting side tracked and can’t remember what it is exactly that I am supposed to be doing.

The article also stated, “The new study should help refute the view that chemo brain is just a figment of patients’ imaginations.”

As a recent cancer survivor let me tell you that we are not making this shit up. It is very real.

Also stated in the article: “Nevertheless, for some of those who experience this cognitive disruption, the impact can be debilitating.”

My response, "DUH"

I have attached the link to this article if you are interested in reading the whole findings.
“chemo brain”

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Anonymous said...

I don't have cancer and still have the funny feeling. Is something wrong with me?