Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breanna's Tooth Fairy Adventure

My daughter lost her first tooth last night.

She was so excited she could barley contain herself. My thirteen year old daughter was tucking her in for me, and told her that she would have to hurry up and go to sleep really quickly because the tooth fairy comes at 9pm and if she wasn’t asleep the tooth fairy would just fly on by. Courtney said that she closed her eyes right away (and we didn’t hear from her for the rest of the night which is very rare). When I came upstairs a couple of hours later I went to bed and was halfway asleep when I remember that I needed to go put some money under her pillow. So I tiptoed into her room, and I reached my hand under her pillow and kept reaching and kept reaching, and I couldn’t find the damned thing. So I went back to my room to tell Rick, and of course he did just what I thought he would NOTHING!! I went back to her room to search for the missing tooth I even felt around inside the pillow case NOTHING. Now when the two older girls lost their teeth I gave them really good instructions as to where to put said teeth, closest to the edge just under the pillow case, well I forgot to have this conversation with Breanna, and of course for the first time in history she was laid out all over that pillow and not moving an inch. As I was feeling around under the pillow she was starting to stir, so I just threw the money under her pillow and left the tooth. When the alarm went off this morning, I woke up the two older kids because they have to leave for school shortly after 6am and I went back to bed, until I remembered that I still had yet to find that damn tooth, so I went into her room where she was still sleeping, and by this time she was at the bottom of the bed so I just lifted up the pillow and right there wrapped up in toilet paper with the words TOOTH FARIY written directly on it was her tooth. I guess she wanted to make sure that there was no mistakes made, I couldn’t feel it because the paper was so soft and her bed sheets are the jersey sheets so they are soft as well. Anyways that is the story of how Breanna lost her first baby tooth.


Gwynnethe said...

It's such a big step losing a tooth! G doesn't seem to be close to losing his first tooth yet.

What's the going rate for tooth fairies in your neck of the woods?

Spanky Myass said...

One whole dollar. She was pretty disappointed though, she wanted to buy a fish.