Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What the hell was I thinking????

The 1st wave of kids...

Khrystyne & Katie

What the hell was I thinking????

That’s what I kept asking myself all night long!! I did all of the shopping on Friday and started laundry, and did some cleaning. On Saturday I finished cleaning, cooked, and decorated. Within ten minutes of all of the kids arriving you couldn’t even tell that I had cleaned.

Khrystyne had asked me last week if I could print off some extra invitations because she had lost some of them. So I did. Let’s just say that she is a big fat liar!! I told her that she could invite 40 kids over, there were defiantly more than that. They tracked mud in on my carpet, spilt pop on my carpet, so I finally sent them all out to the garage, or by the fire pit in the back yard. One of Khrys’ friends burned her a CD with dance music, and I heard more than one kid say that it was rave music, and let me tell you they all thought that they were actually at a rave. I have never seen so many kids dancing so nasty in my life, I was sick as a dog by Saturday night because I really over did it trying to get everything bought and set up, I almost passed out several times. So I sent my sister Holly out to supervise. Let’s just say she needed someone out there to supervise her, because more than once I would go out there and see kids making out, she would be dancing with the kids, she was pretty much toast herself. So I told Rick that I was not up to it but that he would have to check up on them every once in awhile. So he would coming running in the house saying, “you should see how your daughter is out there dancing” (notice how she is my daughter when it is something that he disapproves of) then he would go out to the garage and turn on a really bright spot light and shine it on all of the kids, he would come running back into the house laughing say how when he did this they would scatter like cockroaches. Towards the end of the night when he would turn the light on they would all yell and boo.

After most of the kids came, a whole group of kids showed up, and in less than two minutes later another kid pulled up in his car and one of the girls (Ava) from the group ran out and jumped onto the hood of his car she put a huge dent in the hood of the car and tore off the emblem. (Honestly I was not even aware that this group had even showed up) So I got Khrystyne in the house and told her that if they did not settle down right now I was going to make them all go home. She went out and told Ava and her group of friends, and they said that her party was boring anyways and they left. THANK GOD! (I’ve heard many things about this girl, and to say the least I am not a fan)

All in all though it wasn’t too bad; just a bunch of 16-18 year olds trying to have a good time. (With a lot of restrictions:)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

13 Random Facts About Me.

  1. I have four kids
  2. I really do love my husband; I don’t even want to imagine my life without him.
  4. I have one friend, that I consider my only friend and I love her more than my own two sisters. (Love ya Ange)
  5. I love to laugh.
  6. I don’t allow things to stress me out. PERIOD… it can bother me in the moment, but a few days later I’ll completely forget about it. (With a few exceptions, Barb the Bitch)
  7. I haven’t spoken to my family on my mothers or fathers side (aunts, uncles etc…) in 17 years, because I don’t want to deal with their drama. With exception of the occasional run in, but I definitely don’t go out of my way. And I’m happy with that.
  8. I love season changes in Indiana, all of the colors, smells, etc… but I hate living here.
  9. I had a dog named Momo when I was a kid; we named him after Moe from The Three Stooges. I loved that dog.
  10. I hate scary movies. Asking me to watch is just a waste of time.
  11. I almost died last year, and I try not to go a day without thanking God for allowing me to spend this time with my husband and children, I was even grateful that I was able to take care of my mother-in-law while she was dying.
  12. It breaks my heart to see my children cry.
  13. I love hot coco on a cold day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finishing yesterday's story...

Rick, one of the multiple time he passed out, and right before getting sick...

Finishing yesterday’s story… After we leave the bar

Rick: I have to go to the bathroom, pull over
Me: No, the kid’s are in the car.
Rick: Oh man, I can’t hold it, until we get home.
Me: You’d better.

Swerving the car… pushing hard on the brakes when we come to a light…

Rick: OHHHHH, you need to pull over; really
Me: I don’t think so, you’ll have to wait until we get home, we’re almost there.
Rick: We are? Oh, ok. Man it’s a good thing you’re driving, because I can see that the light is red but that’s about it.

When we finally got home he takes off running for the door. No shoes, keys in hand, trying over and over again to put the key into the keyhole, with no luck, the girls finally say God dad, you can’t even unlock the door. Right then the key goes in and he takes off running for the bathroom, keys still in the door, and me carrying Ricky into the house (he was asleep before we left Gina’s driveway) I laid little Ricky down on the loveseat, and Rick comes back into the living room, and sits down on the arm of the loveseat, we’re talking and he leans backwards, I pushed him back up and told him not to fall onto the loveseat because Ricky was sleeping there. So he stays upright for a few minutes, and starts to lean backwards again, I pushed him back upright again, and said if you fall on him you’ll break his legs don’t fall backwards on this couch. So a couple of minutes later in sloooww motion… he kind of falls forward onto the floor and instantly started snoring, VERY LOUDLY!! Breanna goes, “Man, daddy sure fell asleep quick!” Sure enough he was passed out. So I started getting the other kids on their way to bed. Rick would come in and out of conscientiousness in the meantime, and then he rolled over and hit the glass on the T.V. stand I thought it was going to shatter, and he rolls over onto his stomach. A few minutes later he looks up and says: afjdioafhewqjknsdkajjfdkaj

Me: What?
Rick: alksdfjasuhfuafo0dis
Me: What?
Rick: adfkljaoowl
Me: You need a bowl?
Rick: YEAH!!

So I ran to get him something to get sick into, on my way I said can you just go to the bathroom? NO! I got him a bowl, but I knew that he had been drinking all night so I went to get him a bucket, and when I came back to the living room he was passed out in the bowl face first. So I changed it out for him, which at this point he had not gotten sick just yet, and as soon as I got it changed out it was on. I got pictures and all, he was yelling at me to stop taking pictures, but of course I didn’t, ALTHOUGH I will save you from actually seeing the pictures, but we will just say in between heaves he would yell fu*king beer and pork!! I told him, “you would’ve been alright if it was beer instead of whisky.” The next day Shannon called and said as soon as Rick walked into the bar someone handed him a beer and he swallowed it in one gulp, then someone else handed him a jack and coke, and then patrone, and so on; eight drinks in 10 min. now the truth came out, that’s the real reason that he was sick. But all in all it was a fun night up until the vomiting, but that was still funny.

I went to the doctor’s yesterday, and everything is looking good. Yeah! I asked the doctor if getting to one year was a good thing, he said, “yeah, but two years will be even gooder!” Katie (his nurse) looked at him funny, I tried not to laugh. But that’s what 12 years of college will get you, no I’m just kidding I love my doctor.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend, catch up

Today is my final monthly visit to my Oncologist for my Leukemia, hopefully everything will go well. I’m doing much better since I got over that terrible cold, and I’m sure my blood work will come back fine today. So the next time that I’ll have to go to the doctors will be in December. Hey, I’ll take anything that I can get at this point. I am just so grateful that I have stayed in remission for a whole year. Most people that have Leukemia fall out of remission within 8-10 months (that’s not a study by the way, that’s from people that I met getting chemo from a second bout with Leukemia). It still doesn’t feel like I’ve been in remission for a year, probably because I still had to take chemo through January of this year. Man it seems like a lifetime away, but still fresh at the same time??

Saturday, I got some more shopping in for our Halloween party for this coming Saturday; got some housework done, and then my sister Holly called and asked if I was still coming to Gina’s party. Of course I had forgotten all about it, but I told her that I would check with Rick and let her know. Once he got home from work I brought it up to him, and finally he decided that we could go see what it was about. So we got all of the kids together and went on over. OMG!!! It was crazy, they had a huge bonfire going (I swear they had three small trees on the fire), they have a huge pole barn with a loft including a full service bar, foose ball table, and a pool table. They had a huge stereo system going, food for miles (it was a hog roast) and more liquor than needed to be there. Rick danced with all of the kids except for Khrystyne, because Khrys doesn’t dance. We will say that Rick start off with a fifth of Jim Beam, and three beers, once we left the party (I was driving of course) he started drunk dialing I don’t know how many people, and finally got a hold of his sister. He asked if I could take him to the bar that his sister was at.

Me: NO, we have the kids in the car.
Rick: Please, Please, I never get to go out with my sister.
Me: NO
Rick: April, April, April, Please, come on get off at this exit.

Passing up exit…

Rick: Oh man, April please let me go see my sister, I’ll give you $20 for just 10 minutes, you can drop me off, take the kids home, and then come back and pick me up.
Me: NO
Rick: Why not?
Me: I’m not taking you to the bar, going home, coming to pick you up, and then going back home, plus I’m not going to leave the kids alone at one o’clock in the morning.
Rick: OH!
Me: I’ll take you there for 10 minutes, and wait in the parking lot with the kids, and you will give me $20.00.

The real treat was watching him try to put his boots on… We pulled up to the bar and he took off running for the door, about 12 min later him and his sister comes back out, both of them drunk as skunks.

Rick: you trust Shannon right?
Me: Yeah.
Rick: Well she’ll bring me home, OK?
Me: No way, you’re coming home with me.
Rick: April, April (I guess he wanted to make sure I knew my name) Please.
Shannon: No Poo you need to go home with your wife and kids.

So we finally talked him into going home, the next day I found out what he drank in those 10 minutes. EIGHT DRINKS…. I will finish the story tomorrow, it gets much better, and I have to get to the doctors.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Date Night: Successful...

Holiday picture of the kids. (What's going in my Christmas cards)

Dinner last night was great, after the 25-30 minute wait on a Thursday night no less. We ended up trying Carraba’s Italian Grill. Our waitress asked us if it was Saturday night and someone forgot to tell her. She was a very good waitress and their bread and olive oil/herb mix was amazing. We both ended up getting chicken parmesan (our fav), but the salad tasted straight up like s**t. All in all it was a pretty good dinner, although when we came out we almost went over to Cheeseburger in Paradise (they have amazing mixed drinks, my fav is the Euphoria) (YUM). But we wanted to try somewhere that we had never been before, and did I mention we didn’t have the kids with us. We welcome any time that we don’t have the kids, because it is so few and far between. I used to feel guilty about that, but I’ve come to realize if you don’t take time for yourself once in awhile you will go crazy~

Once we got home last night we finished watching Survivor, then I got to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” which is my absolute favorite show, it is not even up for debate in my house we watch it every week. I hated that they moved it to Thursday nights though because now I’m missing CSI, but I figure that there is always reruns. T.R. Knight from Grey’s Anatomy (George O’Malley) has confirmed to people.com that he is gay. (Who really cares he is so adorable) but here is the article anyways: T.R. Knight. Then of course we watched Road Rules Real World Challenge, because my husband is a geek. I’m just kidding I watch it too. We watch too many reality shows. No sooner than we settled down to watch T.V. last night, Rick started saying, “I miss Ricky.” (He’s our T.V. buddy at night, he likes to cuddle), but we did good; we didn’t go pick him up at 10:00 at night. I’m proud of us.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Date Night

I've got a date tonight!!! and it is not going to be here one minute too soon. For some reason these past two weeks have been very stressful for me, so a night out with my husband is more than welcome. My husbands grandmother called me this morning she has some mail for Judy, I'm trying to get everything settled for her. Anyways Granny asked how I was doing, and the kids, and then finally she asked about Rick. I've been trying to talk him into calling her or going to see her and he won't even hear it yet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Homework was just stressing me out.

Shhh... she's having a hard time.

Once again I find myself writing about one of my children, this time it is my sixteen year old, Khrystyne. Now one would think that at the age of sixteen you would not need your mother hovering over your shoulder making sure that your homework gets done, or your room gets cleaned or whatever else sixteen year olds have to do. Well you would think that anyways wouldn’t you?

Two weeks ago I got onto her school website to check up on her grades at that time she had an A in her science class (great, right), well this morning I realized that their report cards should be coming in anytime, because Breanna had a parent teacher conference Monday at which time I was given her report card. So I asked Khrystyne this morning, have you already taken your finals? “YES” was the answer that I received. Well the problem was that she never once mentioned having to get ready for finals, nor did I ever once see her crack open a book to study for finals. So today when I got to work I checked her account at school, and low and behold she now has an “F” in science, and being the end of the nine weeks she now has no time to make up SIX assignments that she got “0’s” in. Now in case you missed it I said “0”, she did not even attempt to do any work in the past two weeks in this class at all. To say the very least I am not a very happy camper.

I called her (she stayed home from school today because she was sick) and asked her if there was anything about her school work that I should know?
K: No
ME: How on earth did you go from having an A two weeks ago to an F today in Science?
K: An F?
Me: Yes, an F, please explain this to me.
K: I don’t know.
(Is this the teenage universal answer to everything?)
Me: Well let me read off your grades for the past two weeks, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F, 0/F. What did you do? Deceide not to do any work at all, and not tell me about it? Why didn’t you do any of this work?
Me: What?
K: Homework stresses me out.
Me: Well why wasn’t your in school work done either?
K: I don’t know.
Me: Well I’ll tell you what, all of your plans for this weekend, the friend coming over, the haunted house, cancel them, because you are grounded for nine weeks. There are two boxes in your sisters room go get them and pack up everything in your room, games, Cd’s, TV, stereo… everything pack it up, if it isn’t your bed, dresser, or your clothes, I want it in boxes.
K: What about my stereo that you got me for my birthday?
Me: Pack it up.
K: Why? It doesn’t do anything
Me: Well apparently it stresses you out. Pack it up.


Needless to say she is no longer a happy camper either. I’ve already got emails out to her teachers and counselors so a whole lot of people will now be breathing down her neck for the next nine weeks. Ahhh… Motherhood how I love thee.

My youngest two will be spending the night with my mother tomorrow, so Rick and I will be going out to dinner or something, because “Children stress me out.” And Lord knows I need a break. The only thing that I know is when my children are all grown up and moved away, it will be so quiet, that it actually scares me a little bit. (But I’m sure I’ll adjust:)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting Ready for a Party

The begining of the decorations; notice Breanna's black cat.

Not so much happened last night, I left work early because I had a parent teacher meeting with Breanna’s teacher. She is doing very well, the teacher said that she almost always gets 100% on all of her assignments, and if she does miss anything it’s just one. So it was a very short meeting. Which was good enough for me, because I was so tired yesterday, I could hardly see straight. I went home and said hi to the kids and Rick and I walked my butt upstairs around 3:00 and went to bed. They woke me up once to let me know that they were going to McDonalds. Then little Ricky came upstairs around 7:20 and climbed in bed with me (he was cold), so I finally got up around 7:30 and hung out with the family for a little bit, and then I went back to bed.

Courtney will go back to school tomorrow, for one day, and then she will be on fall break for Thursday and Friday so they are teaching her a really good lesson for fighting. They should have put both girls on in school suspension and after school suspension, and made them do a little community service. Now that would have taught them more of a lesson.

I don’t have much planned for today I’m going to try to get out of work early again today if I can pull it off, the girl that works with me is going to leave early Wednesday, and Thursday so this will be the only day that I can manage to get out of here. It’s getting too close to the holidays’ I hate working especially when it rains or snows, and today it is raining.

My boss dropped off a whole bunch of Halloween decorations at my house on Sunday for Khrystyne’s birthday party; I think I counted six totes, plus some extra things that didn’t even fit into the totes. We have just one weekend left before her party to get all of this stuff set up, and whatever else we have left to get done around the house like clean the carpets, and clean up the garage, which is currently storing all of Rick’s mothers things. So we really still have a lot of things left to do. And for some reason I still have a huge list of things to buy for her party, I thought that I had a good start on it, but yesterday I made up a list of everything that I still had to get, and it was pretty considerable.

I’d better get back to work, and try to fake sick so I can get out of here. Later.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Fun

Well this past weekend was a real treat; I took Khrystyne, Courtney and two other girls to a haunted house on Friday night, some of Khrystyne’s friends from school work at this haunted house. We got there at 8pm, and I think we finally left around 10:30pm. I went by my cousins’ house to visit, while the girls waited in that ridiculous line at the haunted house. Khrystyne’s two friends from school stayed the night; they were pretty quiet so I really cannot complain.

On Saturday, I took Courtney and Breanna for their eye appointment, and neither one of them needs glasses as of yet (yeah). We went back to the house, and took the girls home, dropping off Khrystyne for the night with one of them. Then I took Courtney shopping for her Halloween costume, she is such a brat, on the way up to the counter after being there for over an hour already she started throwing a fit because it was not the costume that she wanted. I offered to take her back to keep looking, and she said, “you won’t let me get what I want anyways.” So I asked her what she wanted, she wanted to go as a sexy nurse. Now the girl is 13 years old, it was never going to happen in the first place, so I made her buy the werewolf costume that she already had in her hands, but she wasn’t happy about it. Ask me if I care??? Me and the kids went home for after that, and waited for Rick to get off of work. By the time he got off of work we decided to go to the grocery store (ON A SATURDAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, with Rick and the three kids.) What was I thinking? My grocery bill ended up double, and I AM NOT KIDDING!!! Again Courtney came up to me wanting something that she knows I’ve said no to a million times, but she came up asking anyways. She wants to get her nose pierced, again she is 13 yrs old so it was never going to happen in the first place, but she got all pissed off anyways. So she walked through the store with her nose all twisted out of joint, again, please ask me if I care? There are some things that I am just not willing to bend on; one of the biggest is having any kind of piercing on the face. It will just never happen. She has threatened in the past to do it herself, but if she does it had better be a clip on because I will rip it right on out of there, and hopefully by now she realizes that this is true.

Sunday, we just did house work, laundry, and I had my cousin and her family over for dinner. We had turkey, mashed potato’s, gravy, stuffing, green beans, corn on the cob, rolls, and for desert we had brownies (brought by my cousin) and hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. For some reason Rick likes to have turkey the month before Thanksgiving (maybe to practice). We all had a pretty good time though. Then after everyone left last night I got sick as a dog. I ended up having to sleep on the couch because my back and stomach hurt so bad, it was killing me to lie in the bed. I honestly tried not to over do it yesterday, but I guess I’ll have to do a better job finding my limits.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Excuses, Excuses

Have you ever caught yourself reading every one else’s blog and then running out of time to post your own. Well I do that all of the time. There are just so many interesting people out there.

I am a true crime junkie, I don’t know why but I am. I love to read murder mysteries to see if I can figure out who done it before the last chapter (I’m not always successful in that, by the way) but still I try. There for a while I read true life crime novels, until I read the one about the man and his pregnant wife who were found shot in a bad neighbor hood, the wife and baby died, but he lived. Then much later it came to light that he had set the whole thing up instead of just filing for divorce and paying child support, that story really freaked me out, plus I was having a hard time with depression at the time (anything can push you over the edge when you are battling depression), so I just stopped reading them all together.

Well I’ve found some really interesting crime blogs that I have recently starting reading, for the most part you just feel outrage for the victims (most of which are children, and women), and you just wonder how on earth can we still be here in 2006??? With all of the physiatrists out there, and services that you can get for rage, drugs and alcohol etc…, what are stopping these people from getting help? Most people that stand accused of violence, rape, murder whatever, always say, “I was a victim when I was younger, that’s why I did it, because I had no control over it.” I’m here to tell you that is a bullshit excuse if there ever was one. I was abused as a child by my father, and the only thing that I can remember wanting to take away from that was to NEVER BE LIKE HIM… I have worked really hard at making sure that I control my temper and never wanting to hurt my children or to let someone else hurt them. Up to this point I have succeeded in this, but it did take a conscious decision to NOT CONTINUE THE CYCLE OF ABUSE!!! It has to be your choice not to pass that kind of trait down to your children, and the people out there who have a choice to stop, but chose to continue the cycle of violence or abuse makes me want to puke. Anyway check out this link Lost in Lima Ohio she also has links on her blog to other crime blogs that are pretty good as well.

I’m looking forward to a weekend of house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and Halloween decorating… Yeah for me. I can’t believe that I volunteered to have a Halloween party this year. My daughter turned 16 this month and wanted a costume party for her birthday, so I talked her into waiting for her party until the 28th so it could be a little closer to Halloween, and now friends, family, and co-workers are all coming to this thing. I'm tired just thinking about it. I’ll post some pictures of the festivities after the party. Remind me to never do this again.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why do mothers eat their young?

The devil herself...

Let me start off by saying, “I know why!” Last night on my way home from work my 13yr old called me up, and started going into great detail of an argument that her and her friend Angel (my best friends daughter) had gotten into. Apparently Angel and her boyfriend had broken up the day before, and no sooner than that happened he started emailing my daughter. Courtney told me that Angel had told her that she didn’t care if she talked to him, because she didn’t like him anymore. I told Courtney not to talk to that boy, that it would cause problems between her and Angel and it wasn’t worth it. Did she take my advice? Of course not. Anyways, yesterday the boy I think his name is Zach started IM my daughter, then Angel joined in on the fun and before you know it they are calling each other names I believe the B word was exchanged both ways, and Angel told Zach she didn’t know why he liked Courtney anyways because she is fat. Well in my house especially with this particular daughter those are fighting words, before it was all over my mother and my friend were both putting in their two cents, so Courtney called me in attempt to keep herself out of trouble to give me the 411, and I let her know straight up that I did not want to know about it, that I wasn’t getting pulled into all of her drama.

So what happens today you may ask? I get a phone call at work half way through the day and its Courtney again… Just calling to let me know that she just got suspended from school for three days…

Me: What for?
C: For Fighting.
Me: With whom?
C: (ineligible)
Me: What happened?
C: She shoved me, I shoved her back, and she pulled my hair, so I hit her.

At this point I’m not really getting a straight answer from her, and she is being kind of snotty like someone was listing to our phone call, so I ask her who is she with while she is making this call to me. The Vice Principal, she answered. Put her on the phone.

Me: I’m not really getting a clear answer from Courtney as to what happened?
VP: Me neither, all I can gather is that they were arguing over someone’s hair color, they shoved each other, pulled each others hair, and started slapping each other in the face.
Me: Can she bring home her school work so she can make it up while she is out?
VP: Sure she can bring home all of her books so she can study, but she cannot make-up any work because she is being suspended, she will however be allowed to make up any test or quizzes that she missed.
Me: Ok, Thank you.

When Courtney walked in the door she called me right away in full talking mode ready to fill in all of the blanks. She went into the girl talking about her, and her confronting the girl and being told that she did not have to explain herself to Courtney. Courtney informed her that if she had something to say about her to say it to her face. At that point the girl shoved Courtney, and was shoved back. The girl pulled Courtney’s hair (such a no no) Courtney pulled her hair back. Then slap, slap, slap, slap they were on their way down to the office. The gym teacher told Courtney that she did not have to hit the girl back that she could have just settled it with words, and that she had not right to hit her back.

We will just say that I’ve had a problem with this school in the past with my oldest daughter, she was jumped by a high school kid on the bus (when she was still in JR HIGH) I called to file a complaint and they ended up suspending my daughter for hitting that girl one time in self defense. I asked the very same vice principal (that I spoke to today) that if what she was telling me was that my daughter had no right to defend herself when being attacked, she avoided the question until I asked it for about the 20th time with a very raised voice, and her response was that they had a zero tolerance in their school system so no she did not have the right to defend herself. At which point I informed her that, that was BULLSHIT, and my daughter would take the suspension off of the bus for three days, but if it ever happened again that she would more than have my blessing to defend herself. Then I hung up on her. That girl had hit my daughter in the head several times, and slammed her head into the window so hard that it broke her glasses. Please do not think for a minute that as soon as I heard about it that I wasn’t down at that girl’s house knocking on their door. I know for a fact that her and her brother were home but they never answered the door, and their parents must not have been home. I went there several times, but never got a hold of anyone. Trust me I wanted too.

The answer to the age old question: Why do mothers eat their young? Because they cause too much damn drama, and stress us the eff out. THAT’S WHY.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breanna's Tooth Fairy Adventure

My daughter lost her first tooth last night.

She was so excited she could barley contain herself. My thirteen year old daughter was tucking her in for me, and told her that she would have to hurry up and go to sleep really quickly because the tooth fairy comes at 9pm and if she wasn’t asleep the tooth fairy would just fly on by. Courtney said that she closed her eyes right away (and we didn’t hear from her for the rest of the night which is very rare). When I came upstairs a couple of hours later I went to bed and was halfway asleep when I remember that I needed to go put some money under her pillow. So I tiptoed into her room, and I reached my hand under her pillow and kept reaching and kept reaching, and I couldn’t find the damned thing. So I went back to my room to tell Rick, and of course he did just what I thought he would NOTHING!! I went back to her room to search for the missing tooth I even felt around inside the pillow case NOTHING. Now when the two older girls lost their teeth I gave them really good instructions as to where to put said teeth, closest to the edge just under the pillow case, well I forgot to have this conversation with Breanna, and of course for the first time in history she was laid out all over that pillow and not moving an inch. As I was feeling around under the pillow she was starting to stir, so I just threw the money under her pillow and left the tooth. When the alarm went off this morning, I woke up the two older kids because they have to leave for school shortly after 6am and I went back to bed, until I remembered that I still had yet to find that damn tooth, so I went into her room where she was still sleeping, and by this time she was at the bottom of the bed so I just lifted up the pillow and right there wrapped up in toilet paper with the words TOOTH FARIY written directly on it was her tooth. I guess she wanted to make sure that there was no mistakes made, I couldn’t feel it because the paper was so soft and her bed sheets are the jersey sheets so they are soft as well. Anyways that is the story of how Breanna lost her first baby tooth.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Chemo Brain

When I was undergoing chemo treatment for my cancer the end of last year/first part of this year, I was having a problem with a real hazy feeling, or cloudy feeling in my head. I would start to talk about something and then totally lose it. My nurse said that I had “Chemo Brain”, I thought that it sounded kind of funny, but after talking to other cancer survivors, and reading some research online I realized that it is a true affliction.

After coming back to work this past February, I’ve still had a difficult time with my memory (and trying to stay focused on one thing, and following through with it is almost a joke) but recently I’ve been looking into it more and more. I’ve found that “Chemo Brain” can affect you from one to two years. Today I found where researchers say, “the condition may be linked to brain metabolism and blood flow changes that can endure for more than a decade.” Now I’m here to tell you if I have to deal with this for ten years it will drive me totally crazy. It is so irritating to me to be in mid sentence and completely forget what it is that I am talking about, or to start on a task first thing in the morning, and end up having to staying ½ after work because I keep getting side tracked and can’t remember what it is exactly that I am supposed to be doing.

The article also stated, “The new study should help refute the view that chemo brain is just a figment of patients’ imaginations.”

As a recent cancer survivor let me tell you that we are not making this shit up. It is very real.

Also stated in the article: “Nevertheless, for some of those who experience this cognitive disruption, the impact can be debilitating.”

My response, "DUH"

I have attached the link to this article if you are interested in reading the whole findings.
“chemo brain”

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend Update

Picture #1 My husband Rick, Ricky, Breanna, and Shelby

Picture #2 Me & Shelby (notice my black curly chemo hair, normally it is bone straight and light brown with red highlights)

Well I guess I’d better get into dishing out the dirt on this past weekend. I guess the cancer camp is just not my thing. For one, I’m not the most sociable person out there, it takes me awhile to get comfortable enough with other people to really open up to them, and then watch out because you’ll never shut me up. Two, I was still very sick this weekend (I’ve had the worst cold/bronchitis for the past three weeks now), and three, I missed my family terribly, I know it’s weird but I just can’t stand to be away from them. So on Saturday after two naps, my family came out for dinner, and when the entertainment started we just left. I was going to go back on Sunday morning, to go to the special service that they have for all the campers that had passed away since the last cancer retreat and since Judy was going to be one of those I really wanted to be there in a way, in another way I don’t think that I could have handled it, so I probably won't be going back to camp after this. I woke up yesterday morning and was sick as a dog; I went downstairs (because my son’s feet were in my back) and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up with my son giving me a huge kiss, and hug. So after being scared half to death, I ended going back upstairs and falling back to sleep until 10:30, after I got up we took the younger two kids with us and got our shop on, and then we went to visit some friends. Of course I had to go see the new baby again she is so beautiful.

There’s not a lot going on today, we are just doing month end close out at work, same ole, same ole.