Tuesday, September 12, 2006

She is her Fathers Daughter

She looks so innocent doesn't she.

I haven’t told too much about my daughter Breanna she is six years old and in the first grade. She has asthma it is only really bad in the colder months, but since we live in Indiana the colder months are from the end of August through May (so most of the time).

Yesterday morning before leaving for work I woke up my husband, son and daughter (the two older girls leave much earlier) I got Breanna’s clothes together and went to get her backpack, well it felt a little light so I looked inside to make sure that everything was there. Her homework folder, daily journal, and little book she has to read for homework was all missing. So I let her and my husband know before I left for work that they needed to find it, I looked in all of the obvious places under all of the beds in the closets and I even dumped out the toy boxes and went through them. My husband got up and moved all of the couches and chairs these books were nowhere to be found. By this time I was starting to run late so I made a nice peaceful exit. NOT SO FOR MY HUSBAND. As soon as I got to work he was already calling me on my cell to let me know that she was refusing to go to school (because she would get a red card, which meant that she would lose 10min of recess) You could hear her screaming to the top of her lungs in the background.

Rick: She is under the dining room table in the front room and she wont come out.

Me: (After laughing hysterically at him) Just try talking to her, and let her know that I will call her teacher and let her know what happened. Let me talk to her, I’ll let her know that it will be alright.

Puts phone up to ear:

Breanna: *Screaming* (for no less that 5 minutes) (does her father not understand that I do not want to hear this either?)

Rick (finally coming back onto phone): See she wont listen, (with her asthma she gets really blotchy when she is hot or crying) She looks like I have beaten the shit out of her, and I swear I haven’t touched her, I can’t take her to school looking like this, they'll throw me in jail.

Me: Just go sit down in the living room until she calms down, and then let her know that I will talk to her teacher for her.

Rick: OK, I don’t have anything to lose now she has already missed the bus by now so she is going to be late anyways.

(We hang up) 15 minutes later, maybe 20.

Rick: She started to calm down, so I went in to hold her and console her and she had her shoes and socks off and has taken off all of her clothes, she is under the table in nothing but her underwear, she has one leg and arm wrapped around one chair and the other arm, and leg wrapped around another chair still under the table and now crying all over again.

Me: (Once again laughing) Rick, she has to go to school.

Rick: I can’t take her to school like this.

Me: Shirley and I were just talking about this, last night on Nanny 911 she said that the little girl refused to get dressed for school, so they took her to school the next day in her little night gown and undies with her clothes packed in her backpack, the next day she did not give her mother problems when it was time to go to school. I’m not telling you to take her to school in her underwear, but just throw some clothes on her, and take her to school yelling and screaming like that, I guarantee you she’ll stop that shit.

Rick: You should have seen what I had to go through just to get her shoes and socks on in the first place.

Me: Let me talk to her. (she gets on the phone) I told her that if I had to leave work to come home and make her go to school, that she would be getting a spanking. (put your dad on the phone) Give her five minutes to get it together or tell her that you will spank her.

Five minutes later they were out the door, no spanking of course, but when she realized that we were not going to put up with that behavior any longer she knew she had better move on. (By the way this is the very short version of about six phone calls from Rick to myself) He took her to school at 10am, she was supposed to leave for the bus stop around 8am. In the meantime I had emailed her teacher to let her know what was going on and her reply was: THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGE. SORRY THAT IT ISN’T A GOOD MONDAY FOR BREANNA!!!!! (No kidding it wasn't much fun for her father either, although I was pretty amused)

Guess where her books were at? No, please guess! AT SCHOOL!!! The whole time! She never even brought them home last Friday.

Moral of the story: Now Rick understands why some days I’m looking forward to just going to bed, and she is just as stubborn as he is.

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