Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well lets just say that they past two days have been very hectic, terrifying, infuriating, well you get the point.

First after I wrote my last blog, I was making dinner for the kids and my 13 yr old (Courtney) was in the kitchen with me she was swinging her arms around and hit her hip, and said, “OW” she pulled back her pants and said, “Mom feel this” (she has had a freckle/mole for the past couple of years there, it’s very weird looking, it is a bluish/purple color) I went to feel it and it had a lump under it. (Please mind you I have been diagnosed with cancer this past year, and just lost my mother-in-law last week) So automatically I fear the worse, so I take a closer look it has gotten bigger and now its color is black. Needless to say I could not sleep a wink on the 6th, and as soon as her doctors office opened on the 7th I made her an appointment for that afternoon. The doctor said that it was just a mole, but to be on the safe side he wanted me to take her to a specialist to have it removed since it has grown and changed colors. A huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders at that moment. I would have died if it was something more; it was just hard not to worry with everything else that has been going on lately.

Now for yesterday, let me start off by saying my husband’s family is more nuts than my own family and that is really saying a lot. I got to work yesterday morning at 8am by 8:30 my husband called me I could barley understand what he was trying to say he was so upset.

His aunt Barb had called him screaming, “Why did you go to Judy’s house without Granny? She told you and Shannon not to go through your mothers things unless she was there.”

He said, “Barb, Granny never said anything to me about that.”

Barb: Granny also said, that Ange never saw her sign those insurance papers.

(My best friend Ange dated my husband Rick when we were SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and she witnessed his grandmother sign the request for a lost insurance policy, not the actual policy, because it had to be notarized. Barb is also a notary and thinks she has to be in everybody’s business)

Then Rick informs me of something that I never even knew take place. At the funeral home last week AT HIS MOTHERS FUNERAL:

Barb said, “Who is Ange pregnant by Poo YOU? (His whole family calls him Poo, or Poo Bear)

Rick: BARB, Why would you even say that?

Barb: Well you know that April was in the hospital a lot last year. (He said the she had said it in a jokingly manor, but it still offended him, and he never told me)

Well then yesterday in the middle of screaming at my husband:

Barb: You know Poo we ALL know that that baby Ange is carrying is yours! Your mother told me on her death bed that you were the father of Ange's baby. (Judy knew better than that, so I know that she is lying)

At this point he starts crying all over again (she really hurt him with that comment, the BITCH knew what she was doing)

Rick: (to me) you know you were in the hospital, so was mom and I didn’t know… he kind of faded off.

Myself: If I was going to die?

Rick: Well, yeah. I don’t know why she would say something like that.

Myself: Because she’s a F**king Bitch that’s why! (At the time that I was first in the hospital his mother was also admitted she was about to have a heart attack and they thought she might die then)

At this point I had run out of every ounce of patients with this bitch and the whole situation. I was just ready to flat out kick her ass.

There were so many more things that she had said to him, but I just don’t have the time to go into all of it. But could I please mention HIS MOTHER JUST DIED LAST WEEK.

So while we were speaking his grandmother called, Rick told her that we only went down there to move some of Judy’s things out, because Jim’s daughter had left her husband and was moving in to take care of her father, and needed some space. He told her that he and Shannon neither one was up to going through their mother’s things just yet, but when they did he would bring her whatever she wanted. (He also took her Judy’s glasses yesterday that she had asked for) After he talked to his grandmother, I called her, and let her know how upset Rick was the night before just being at the house that his mother had just died in, but how we packed up her things and everything is in boxes out in our garage taped up where it will stay until Rick and Shannon are ready to go through her things, and if nobody could understand that, that was their problem, and they would have to get over it.

Then I called Judy’s other sister Janice, and told her what we had done, (she had asked for one of Judy’s bible) and I told her that when Rick and Shannon was up to going through her things I would get her Judy’s bible. She said, “Oh that ok honey I know you will, how has Rick been holding up this past week?” NOW THAT IS THE KIND OF COMMENTS WE SHOULD BE HEARING FROM HIS FAMILY AT THIS TIME. I told her that he is doing ok, and that I’d talk to her later. She said, “Ok honey I Love you guys.”

In the meantime I had tried to reach my friend Ange all day long, no answer. So then I started worrying, “Is she in labor, is everything alright?”

I told my mother what had happened when I went to pick Ricky up from school. After I got home she called me and said Jim came down to the shop today.

Me: Jim who? (I know more than one Jim)

Mom: Judy’s Jim.

Me: Oh

Mom: He told Danny and Phyllis that he was glad you guys came down to get Judy’s things when you did. He got a phone call today from Barb (the bitch that keeps on giving), and she told him, “Don’t you let anyone take any thing of Judy’s out of that house until we get there. Jim told Danny, “I still don’t know who WE is.”

Later that night Rick was at the race track, and I get a phone call from Barb’s son Mark (he is Rick’s age) wanting to speak to Rick, I told him that Rick was already at the race track, but he could get him on his cell. When Rick got home (at 2:00 this morning) he said that Barb must have been on a rampage yesterday. She called Mark and let him know that he was just wasting time and space on this earth, and that he was a loser, and would never amount to anything, and that if he ever did get anything it would end up going up his nose. (Now this is her own son, and he has had problems in the past but now he is going to work every day paying child support, trying to do right.) Rick said that Mark was crying like a baby, so upset and hurt that he could barley speak. (Now Mark is not a little man by any means he is over seven feet tall and over three hundred pounds, and she broke him that bad.) Again WHAT A BITCH! He said my mom would have never said anything like that to me even if I was a fuck up.

I finally got a hold of Ange last night and she was just as pissed about everything as I was to say the least. She said, “I wouldn’t even worry about it, those people don’t even know you, Rick or me, or even Judy for that matter.” (She has only seen this sister 2 times a year, more if there was a funeral or wedding, but they were not close by any means) Ange has been married for 13 years and is expecting her first baby any day; I could hear her over the phone pacing back and forth just like I was doing (I was hoping that this conversation would not put her into labor). That whole conversation lasted for over an hour, but I felt a whole lot better after speaking to her. And for the record Ange said that she would rather sleep with me before sleeping with my husband. That she would never do that to me, and for that matter Rick would never do that to me. Which that was never a question in my mind at any point during this whole crazy day. The father of her baby is, wait for it, wait for it, her husband! WOW! Imagine that?

My blood pressure was through the roof yesterday, and I told the older kids what had been said, and they were so pissed. The know better than what Barb was suggesting.

Well I guess that is enough of a rant for today, so much for me trying to stop cussing, I guess I’ll have to work on that a little harder. Sorry if this post was a little too long. I really needed to vent.

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