Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last Week's Details

Well let’s get started with all of the details: Tuesday afternoon (8/29) after I left work I went to my friends house to pick up an attachment for my daughters inhaler, I ended up staying for right at an hour so I called my husband to let him know (1) where I was and (2) that I was headed to his mothers house. Well when he answered the phone I automatically picked up my purse and headed out the door. He was sobbing so bad he could not even speak. (My friend’s house is less than five minutes from his mother’s house) So I was there in less than two minutes (thank God no cops were around) I went into the house and went to the family room where Judy was, Rick was sitting next to her bed bent over crying hysterically, I looked at her and she was barley breathing extremely short shallow breaths (almost sounding like a pig, or a grunting sound) her eyes were opened but they were rolled back into her head. So I rubbed his back and whispered into his ear to calm down that his mother could still hear him. Finally I took him into the other room and got him calmed down, I told him that his mother was probably anxious and to talk to her and to let her know that everything was going to be okay and to try to calm her down. So he finally got it together and calmed down and sat next to her. I went into the kitchen his aunt Emma said that Judy had gotten worse since she had been there at 1:00, so I asked Shirley if she had called Hospice yet and she hadn’t, so I picked up the phone and called Hospice and told two different people what was going on, and there response was that they would have someone to call me back. I went back into the house and sat with Judy (while Rick went to get some air) Hospice finally called back and while I was talking to her I noticed that she had this rattling/gurgling sound so I told the nurse she said that it was the death rattle, after I explained everything that was going on she stated that the end was near. There was an emergency kit of medication in the refrigerator they called a comfort kit so she instructed me which medications to give to her for the pain and anxiety (no one else wanted to give it to her) so I had to. After that pretty much all of her brothers and sisters came down, they brought her 90 year old mother down too so that they all could say their good-byes. It was very hard for everyone to see her like that. Finally everyone left and I fell asleep (on the couch next to Judy), his aunt Shirley had came in a couple of times to check on her, Rick sat with her until 3:30 then he fell asleep in the recliner in the next room, her brother Charlie checked on her at 4:10 then fell asleep on the floor next to her bed, and Jim (Judy’s boyfriend of over 20 years) stayed awake on the couch in the next room coming in to check on her every once in awhile. I woke up pretty much every time someone came in to check on her, but once I had a dream that Judy had died it seamed so real I opened my eyes and Shirley was sitting next to her bed. I didn’t hear Judy breathing, but I let Shirley have her time (20mins) later she got up and went into the kitchen I went over to check on her and she was already gone. We woke up Rick and I called Hospice so that they could come out and make 100% sure before we called the funeral home. We called Ricks sister Shannon, and his aunt Brenda they came down before the funeral home got there. Wednesday was not as bad as the night before, by the afternoon all of the arrangements had been made, and we got home in time for the kids to get off of the school bus and to let them know what had happened (they had stayed the night at my moms the night of) My daughter Courtney took it really hard she cried for over an hour, but afterwards we went out to eat and let them talk about what had happened. It was so heart breaking. Her showing was Friday, and we buried her on Saturday (She looked great by the way). She will be greatly missed.

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