Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just call me Crazy (or better yet his family is crazy)

Not too much has happened this week except me trying to keep my sanity. Rick’s family has truly lost their minds. A very long story short, Rick’s grandmother ended up keeping some of the insurance money from their mother (because the policy was taken out before they were of age) and I quote, “If she didn’t want me to have some of it, she had plenty of time to change the policy.” Now from the time Judy left the hospital until the time she died it was exactly two weeks. Whatever, also Granny, Barb (the Bitch), and Janice went down to Judy and Jim’s house and took all of Judy’s clothes, shoes, purses, and we don’t even know who has them. Personally it was hurtful to me because she told Rick and Shannon that she wanted me to go through her clothes first, and then Janice and Shirley and then she wanted the rest donated to a woman’s shelter. She also left me her leather coat, which smart-ass me took the day after she died because I knew some of them were going to try to start some shit. Rick was so upset he threw a big fit at his grandmothers house, (I was not there because some people in his family think that I am in his ear all of the time telling him what to do, so I decided to stay out of it, and let Rick handle everything all on his own, so they got to deal with Rick, I mean the real Rick not the one that I calm down and talk sense into) so anyways he was at his grandmothers yelling and screaming finally his aunt (sis), and uncle Charlie talked him into going outside, when he went to open the gate he threw it open so hard that not only the gate went flying but so did the whole fence post right into the middle of the driveway. Needless to say they were all pretty frightened and they will never have a problem with me being there again, because he is f**king crazy. He doesn’t act like that towards me, because he knows that I will not allow it, I’ll take his kids and hit the damn road. Anyways, long story short we will have to make other plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year because if we show up at his grandmothers house a huge fight will insue.

I was just talking with a girl from work and telling her about my son, every time we have a get together at my house my cousin Jennifer will bring him over a bag of crabby patties (Sponge Bob gummy candy) and she will set back and watch him and chuckle, because he will set there and pull them apart and ask who wants his pickles. It is so cute; he really thinks that they are pickles. Did I mention that he is a Pollock? Whenever you make little Ricky mad he will call you a Pollock he’ll say, “You’re a Pollock!” thinking that he is saying something bad because everyone starts laughing.

I had my monthly cancer checkup yesterday, and everything is still good. I will be in remission 1 year next month. (Although I had to take post remission chemo through January of this year) I go back next month for the last of my monthly visits, and then I get to start every other month checkups for the second year, then every three months for the third, every four months for the fourth, and every five months for the fifth, and then I will be considered cured. Hopefully I will make it without having a relapse.

This weekend is the fall Cancer Camp at Camp Bluebird, Rick has begged me not to go (he doesn’t want to be alone) but I am still going because on Sunday afternoon before we leave they have a memorial service for all of the campers that have passed away since camp this spring, and of course Judy will be one of those. It’ll be hard, and I don’t think that I’ll be able to say anything because it's all still too fresh for me. But she had some really good friends who sent her cards, and letters, and even came by to visit her in those last few weeks so I’m sure someone will be able to say a few words about her. I really do miss her, even with all of the recent family drama lately, that doesn’t change the way I felt about her. Well time to go, please don’t forget to check in on the 28th I am getting something ready for my one year anniversary from being diagnosed with cancer.

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