Thursday, September 14, 2006

Family, You got to love em.

Khrystyne in our Garage (she's into the alternative look) (not her mothers choice by the way)

My church has been having a revival all week, and I’ve been every day except for Monday (I was sick). So I’ve not really had a lot of time to myself little lone time for blogging.

My husband has been sort of an ass all week long, snapping at the kids, being a jerk to me. I finally told him if he didn’t knock it off I was going to go stay with a friend. So finally today he is starting to come around a little bit. I asked him what was wrong, if there was something that I had done to him or what? “NO” was his only answer. So finally I asked him if this was because of his mom, then he couldn’t speak (we were on the phone with each other) so I told him, that I know that he just lost his mother, but we lost her as well, and the things that he has been saying and doing has been very hurtful to the children. So hopefully things will settle down tonight because damn I’m tired of walking around on eggshells (I’m sure the kids are as well).

My daughter Khrystyne is going to be in her schools homecoming parade tonight. So I get to take off of work a little bit early for that (yea!) She is in the World Cultures Club, and she will be carrying a flag in the parade, she is pretty excited about that. Last night was their monthly meeting and it was Japanese night, so a parent brought in sushi for the kids (Khrystyne) has had sushi in the past and of course again last night, and she loves it. Now for my question, “How can a kid who refuses to eat any kind of veggies at all, love raw fish?” She does not even like to eat just a plain salad, lettuce/tomato etc, she says that she doesn’t like the taste of the lettuce?? ?WHAT? Lettuce doesn’t even have a taste. Oh well, she is very interested in other cultures to the point that she wants to go to college in Japan, so I guess that's good. She draws Anime, and she is actually extremely good at it, her pictures are better than most of the books that she buys. She is in the process of writing her first book. Hopefully she will get to make what she loves profitable, so she can make a career out of it.

We are still on baby watch for my friend Ange. She is due on the 28th, but is already dilated to 4, and effaced 80%. So it could happen anytime, I just can’t wait. (It's her first, other than six step-children, and one adopted child, so technically it is her eighth child, but first natural)

Well I’m getting ready to go to lunch, so I’ll have to cut this short.

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