Friday, September 29, 2006

Cancer Retreat

Khrystyne & Courtney last night at dinner.

IT’S FRIDAY! YEEEAAAAHHH!!! This evening when I leave for work I am going to another cancer retreat. I had planned on going to this with Judy (and actually she was very much looking forward to it) but now I’ll be going alone. I hope people don’t push for too much information on what happened. I am really not up to going into all of the details over and over again.

This weekend we are going to be looking into alternate ways of healing plus ways of reducing stress. So they have massages set up all day Saturday, reflexology, and Yoga. Plus I haven’t mentioned that this camp is for cancer survivors only, so no husband, or children all weekend is sounding pretty sweet to me, even if I plan on spending some time sleeping in the dorms.

We have family night on Saturday night, where your family and friends can come down to have dinner with you, and meet some of the other campers. We will also have Karaoke as entertainment, which I wish they would have a local band again, but hey for me it’s free so what do I care?

Tonight after dinner, we will go down and have a huge bon fire, and then they go around in a circle and let everyone tell who they are and what kind of cancer they have. I think it’s going to be hard for me this time, because last time I went Judy was with me, and now she’s not, and she’s the reason I found this camp.

I normally don’t like talking about my cancer, and dwelling on it, but it doesn’t take away the fact that I am a cancer survivor, and it is nice being able to share your story with other people who can relate when you talk about all of the pain (both emotional and physical) that you are feeling, and you don’t get a look from them like yeah right; your in pain, but so am I. The pain that you feel when you have cancer is much different than just regular aches and pains. It has been nine months since my last chemo treatment, and I still have a lot of pain and discomfort (to the point, that in July I was hospitalized for a week). I am still really tired; it seems that I never get enough sleep.

Well have a good weekend, (I plan on it) I’ll update you on Monday on how everything went; I’m actually going to have my first professional massage tomorrow (and am looking forward to it). I’m just not looking forward to being away from my family, especially my son. Later…

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