Friday, August 11, 2006

Trying to stand still????

It’s been awhile since I have written; my personal life has been a swirl for the past couple of weeks. My mother-in-law (Judy) has taken a sudden turn for the worse, Shannon (my sister-in-law) her friend Corinne and my daughter Courtney took her to the emergency room Friday night 8/4/06 and they ended up keeping her. She is still there as a matter of fact. Her doctor was on vacation until this Friday, so his associates that have been seeing her let her know that her cancer is spreading so fast that she has less than six months to live. They were really upset that she had not been set up on hospice yet. So it took her until yesterday to kind of accept what they told her (she is still waiting to hear it from her doctor though) but she finally decided to accept hospice, it may keep her out of the hospital so much. In the past 30 days she has been admitted three times, for pain, and she can’t keep anything down, and now she is running a fever so she’ll probably be there for a few more days. It’s been really hard on Rick and Shannon their mother was telling them that she still had at least two years (I don’t think that she had come to terms with it herself) but they just really found out last Thursday when I told them, and then it was confirmed by the doctors on Friday.

We received a call last weekend form my husbands aunt in Michigan (that we go to every 4th of July) and her husband was under the weather when we visited last month well (wait for it, wait for it) he has CANCER. WTF it seems like every one I know is coming down with cancer!!! He has a mass in the center of his chest in between his lungs, so they are not sure what kind of cancer he has just yet. They have been together for almost 20 years, and their oldest child just turned six, and the twins will be five in December. So if you are a person of faith please pray for them. They really need it.

My husband has another uncle who is having open heart surgery today. So like I said everything is spinning so fast I just can’t keep up.

On a much lighter note: I was on my way to lunch today (and every Friday they run a warning system at 11:00 am to make sure that everything is still working properly) Well when my six year old was about two or three every time she heard that sound she would say, “Mommy, it’s firthy (thirty) o’clock.” She would try to sound so grown up; every time I hear that sound it reminds me of her.

Next month I have another cancer retreat to go to. I signed up myself, and my mother-in-law to go I really hope that she makes it or feels up to it at least. She really wants to go one last time.

My friend Anges’ baby shower is this Sunday, so of course I am going to run around like a mad woman tonight to get everything bought and ordered. I really shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

Well I hope you all have a nice weekend. Keep our family in your prayers.

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