Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired, Tired…. Did I mention that I am tired? Rick’s mother was sent home from the hospital last Tuesday and we have been going out there after work every evening to help care for her (until 10 or 11pm) and to give Rick’s aunt a break. Then on Friday we packed up all of the kids (4) and went to stay the weekend. His aunt Shirley went home on Friday, and for the most part I took care of her all weekend. Rick had to work on Saturday, but as soon as he got off he came right back out. She is getting so weak, and is unable to eat, the people from hospice said that her bowels have shut down, and eventually everything else will shut down and that will be it. They have taken her off of all of her medication expect for pain meds, nausea meds, and fever reducer. Anyways, we were there until Monday evening (I was at work Monday, but Rick was there) his sister Shannon was there no more than 1 ½ hours all weekend long, and on Sunday her and her boyfriend (minus all of their kids) went to Kings Island. God forbid that she came down to spend time with her mother that will most likely be gone in a few weeks, or to let us have a break to go grab something to eat. She only came out a couple of nights last week too. On Friday night Shannon was setting out on the porch swing, and she told me that she won’t be there when her mother dies. I said, “Shannon, you can’t not be there!” She said, “Well I’m sorry if I can’t watch my mother die.” (If she is not there she will regret it for the rest of her life.) Can I please say she is the most selfish person I have ever met? Even now with her mother dying it is still all about Shannon. She cannot see that her mother wants her there; she wants her family to be around her. It’s not easy for my husband either but he is there every day, he has black bags under his eyes from little sleep, and from crying so much, but yet he is still there. If anything we don’t want her to be alone when she does go.

I hardly slept all weekend, because she had to have meds all through the night, and of course they all had to be given at different times. So there you go, once she was getting sick and I was trying to wake up Rick to help me I was throwing stuff off of her bedside table (and actually hitting him) and he still did not wake up. You know he had to sleep on the couch by her bed so that he could hear her if she needed something, and I ended up hearing her from the bedroom way before he did. But he has thanked me over and over saying that he did not know what he would do without me, so that goes a long way with me. (It’s not like I wouldn’t help out anyways, she’s like my mother I love her too.) But it’s still nice to hear once in awhile.

I went Friday and put the deposit down on her funeral arraignments, that was surreal it’s just weird making those kinds of plans when someone is still alive. But now Rick and Shannon won’t have to worry about anything, because it’s already set. They are going to have a dove release ceremony at the grave site, and also they are going to have it to where everyone follows the Hurst to the gravesite on foot, (because it is so close to the funeral home.) That kind of gives it an old timey feel, and I kind of like that.

My mother and her husband are moving this week; they found a cute little house and have been painting and getting it ready to move in this past week. She told me that they picked out more subtle colors this time (my husband swears that they are color blind) so she started showing me the colors that they had gotten to paint their house (which to start out with was all white) She showed me the kitchen color which was a nice light peach color (they have white cabinets) so I thought so far so good. Then came the bathroom color which was a light lavender color (it wasn’t actually too bad), now wait for it… the living room which is the only room that has carpet (deep red carpet) they picked sky blue paint (with red carpet), then in their bed room was a different shade of blue (very dark), and in the second bedroom they picked AQUA!!! And it is very AQUA!!! So the peach was a bit of a teaser, man her house is going to be bright!! She had a house one time that they painted purple with purple trim, and let me tell you this is no exaggeration it glowed in the dark… my friends would always crack jokes about her house glowing in the dark, because she lived on a very poorly lit street, but you could see her house all the way down the street in the dark. A bedroom in that same house was painted black with black carpet and red trim with red velvet curtains. Like I said COLOR BLIND!

I still have to take my husband over there to see where it is so that he can drop off our son in the mornings, with everything going on with his mother we just haven’t had the time. Well that’s about it for now more later…

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