Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ricky Ricky Ricky

Well I’ll start this one off with a story about my son. I wasn’t feeling well last week, so I was lying down (asleep actually) when I heard the loudest scream possible followed by nonstop blood curdling crying. In a sleep induced haze I jumped up and started running (and fumbling) towards the stairs. I’m a little slow anyways so I yelled up to my husband and other children to see what was wrong with him. My husband comes to the top of the stairs and gives me a shitty look and slaps two glue boards together. (I work at a pest control company and my 13yr old daughter swore that she seen a mouse in her room, so I brought home some glue boards, and had her put them under all of the beds upstairs.) Well Ricky was playing in his room and got under his bed and got one stuck on his forearm and one on his knee/shin, he said, “Mommy why was that under my bed?” I told him, “Because we were trying to catch a mouse, not a Ricky.” He said, “I don’t like that don’t do it again!!” Needless to say we have yet to catch a mouse. (Poor Baby)

Another little Ricky story: Last night when me & Rick went to bed Ricky was still awake (normally we get him to go to sleep downstairs, then we transplant him to his own bed, and then he’ll come in our room a couple of hours later… he wears us out, but if he is awake forget about it) so he went to bed with us last night. Anyways he was almost asleep, but then he started moving around and playing so I sat up and took a drink of water when I was finished I stuck my fingers in the water and flicked some on my husband who at this point was on his way to LALA land, he jumped half a mile started yelling and cussing, Ricky started cracking up (he thought it was the funniest thing EVER!) so of course I had to do it a couple of more times to keep little Ricky rolling (I got him once or twice too) Ricky goes, “I’ve always wanted to do that!” So I said, “Stick your fingers in and flick daddy.” So he does, but not only that but he dropped a few ice cubes next to his dad and put his cold hands on his back. Rick still yelling said, “Boy I’m going to beat you!!” Ricky was just cracking up, and then he finally went to sleep with his head in my back and his feet in his dad’s face.

My mom just called with yet (another Ricky) story. She said that they kids had been watching cartoons. (Breanna always watches what she wants, and Ricky is just stuck with it) Well for some reason one of Ricky’s shows were on, and my mom wanted to watch a show so she started looking for the remote…She could not find it anywhere she said that she looked in her bedroom, the hallway, the playroom, even in the bathroom all the time Ricky was right on her heels looking everywhere that she looked finally she ended up back in the living room and she asked the kids where is my remote? Breanna said, “I don’t know.” “Ricky you were the last one with the remote. Where is it?” Without a beat Ricky looked at Breanna and grandma walked into the Kitchen (who would’ve thunk?) and opened a cabinet door and pulled out the remote. My mom said, “Boy, why didn’t you tell me where it was I’ve been looking everywhere for this remote!” Ricky replied, “Well you didn’t look in there did you?” and walked away. I guess he got tired of Breanna hogging the T.V. so he put it on what he wanted to watch and hid the remote, because God forbid anyone change the channel without a remote….


Princess said...

Thats Really funny

Princess said...

That is a smart little kid