Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Don't get me wrong I love my mother-in-law with all of my heart, but man did we ever need a night off. We are both drained both physically and mentally and I don't think that we have even slept in the same bed for over a week. Rick finally cut the grass last night first time in over three weeks, luckily our neighbors hadn't filed a complaint yet.

I can't even think about my mother-in-law without getting an upset stomach, or having my eyes fill up with tears, it's just so hard. My husband just called her and he said that every time he speaks to her she tells him that she is so hungry; to the point she is thinking about letting them put a feeding tube in. She also had a really hard night last night throwing up all night long. I don't think that his aunt knows what to do, if it were me, I would have called Hospice and had them come out and give her something to stop the vomiting.

This Thursday I go to the hospital for my blood work, hopefully everything will come back ok. I've actually been feeling pretty well myself. Knock on wood, because God knows we can't handle anything else right now. If I were to get sick again right now, I'm afraid my husband would have a mental breakdown.

Well I guess that's it for now. More Later.

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