Monday, August 28, 2006

Daddy, Guess WHAT???

Let me start off by saying that my son is only four. He cannot even comprehend what is going on with his grandmother, but because she is slipping faster and faster I decided to talk to Ricky and Breanna about what was happening to their grandma. I told them that she was really sick and did they know how mommy had cancer and the doctors made me better, well the doctors could not make Grandma Judy's cancer better, and she is going to die. Little Ricky totally changed the subject he really doesn't understand what death is, Breanna had a few questions I answered them the best that I could and told her if she has any questions to ask me or her other grandmother, or even her teacher.

My husband and I were going to his mother’s house to care for her, and the kids were in the back of the van. When we pulled up to Judy's my son said, "Daddy, Guess what?" Rick said, "What?" Ricky says, "Grandma Judy is going to die, did you know that?" ????????? I said, "Ricky, don't say that." Rick said, "What did he say?" I had to repeat it for him, and his eyes welled up with tears. I told him that Ricky is too young to understand what it means, but talk about kids saying the darndest things. I didn't even think that he was paying attention to me when I was trying to explain it to them.

My daughter Breanna had an asthma attack Friday morning at midnight so I was up with her until after 4am. Needless to say we did not go to work or school on Friday, and I had to take her to the doctors because she has not had an episode in over a year and had very little medicine left. Then we stayed out all weekend at my mother in laws to care for her. It is starting to wear us out. Not that we would not take care of her, but it is so draining.

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