Friday, July 28, 2006

Long, Long, Long,Long Week. TGIF for real....

Well it’s been a very long and trying week to say the least; I will try to keep this post down to the basics. Of course I stated that my husband was in an accident this week. This has been his first accident that he has had to deal with. So let me start that he is not a patient man (as if any man is?) but the accident occurred on Tuesday morning, we went to our insurance agent to fill out some paperwork (in Indiana you have to have proof of insurance sent up to the DMV within 10 days or they will suspend your license) He told them what happened and they took all the information and put into their system. Then I took him to the emergency room, spent a couple of hours there, and then we went to pick up the kids from my moms. By the time that we got home, our insurance company had already called so we called them back and gave a statement. But nothing from the other guys insurance. So right away my husband instantly thought that they would try to screw him over. I told him just to wait it takes one to two weeks to get everything settled to give it some time. Wednesday nothing Thursday we finally heard from them she had left her number and an extension number, so my husband tried & tried & tried to reach this woman yesterday and she never returned his call. So about the seventh and final try she answered her phone (good thing because he was going to threaten with an attorney, IDIOT!) anyways she wanted to take his statement about what happened, and she asked if his car was being stored he told her “yes it was” she said well I recommend that you have it moved to where you are not incurring a charge, because if we settle and that charge is more than your car is worth you won’t be getting anything (so that pisses him off). So he calls me yelling (like he has no damn sense) because I was the one who told him to have the car towed. The frame of the car was bent in four places if he had been hit by another car that would have been it. (All of these calls were taking place at my doctor’s office by the way) ANYWAYS, she mentioned something about litigation, so he was really going off. (So of course I hung up on him) when my doctor and his nurse came into my room I was crying, as I hung up I just said my husbands an ass! And we just went from there. My blood counts are looking really good, I’ll only have to go two more months (monthly visits) and then I’ll start going every two months…. Yeah!! I just wish that I could put this whole cancer thing behind me, well not really I’m going to start volunteering at the Leukemia Foundation soon, hopefully I can help make someone else’s trek a lot easier than mine. Anyways that was great news. (And all along my phone kept ringing, so I finally turned it off) Then I was off to a rheumatoid specialist about my back and hip, long story short I got a couple of cortisone shots in my hip and back (still very sore today) hopefully by Monday I’ll feel a whole lot better. I seriously think that taking Chemo did a lot of damage to my body. I read an article the other day that said some chemo treatments are know to cause damage to your DNA structure (as well as it can also cause other forms of cancer) Any who once I got outside I turned my phone back on and Rick had left me this really long apology saying he shouldn’t have yelled and he was sorry, and that he loved me. So I called him back, and he again apologized and stated that the lady from the other guy’s insurance company called him back after speaking to the driver and stated that they are going to accept responsibility for the accident and would send out an adjuster to our house on Saturday to look at the car. So here goes another whole story…. I leave the hospital to go pick Rick up from work and to go get his car from the towing company, they told him on the phone that it would be $145 to get it out. $65 tow fee, $40 labor (shouldn’t that be included on the tow fee), and $20 per day. When we finally find an ATM (cash only folks) and went back the guy said no it’s going to be $165 Tue., Wed., and Thur. storage fee. So I gave Rick another $20 and told him to just pay the asshole and let’s go. So with safety goggles on (broken glass everywhere mind you) I followed him home. Folks don’t ever use Indiana’s Finest Towing they will rip you off…. One more funny note to this whole thing my husband had contacted our insurance agent to verify what the other guy’s insurance agent told us about getting the car out of storage, he told us to yes get it out. After that conversation our agent called my husband back and said that his wife was looking to buy a new car and that they would sell us her Pontiac Grand Prix (1995) for $1500.00 (it’s only a work car mind you) so that will be great. He also told my husband not to get a rental car because he and his wife were going out of town for this weekend, and Rick could use her car to see if he might like it. (How funny) No such thing though, Rick will definitely get a rental car at no cost to him so that he can run the shit out of it.

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