Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Friday

I have truly felt like shit all week long until today that is, I hope that I can pull out of this funk. I guess that’s hard to do when they have you on Morphine every 4 hours. I have a couple more doctors’ appointments next week; hopefully they’ll figure something out.

After I got home from work last night I took Khrystyne out to drop of some applications that she had filled out. I can’t believe that I almost have a 16 year old kid. I met her father when I was 16. (God how foolish was I to think that I knew anything at that age!!!) When we got home I took my youngest two down to the park, I really didn’t feel like it, but I knew that they were going stir crazy with me being sick all month. I also knew that when I got them home and gave them each a shower that after eating, playing, and bathing they would not be awake all night either. So I guess I definitely had an ulterior motive with taking them to the park. But when I got to my mothers house to pick them up they were literally bouncing off of the walls so I had to do something to get some rest last night, but then my husband was in a mood so of course I didn’t get to sleep until after 1 this morning. (I had to get up at 5) So I’m really surprised that I feel ok today.

My best friend’s baby shower is next month, other than sending out the invitations I really don’t have anything else done. I’d better get on it; the day will be here before I know it. She is really starting to show FINALLY! She only has two months left before she’s due.

My mother-in-law (Judy) is really not doing so well, last month when they did a cat scan for her ovarian cancer, they found a spot on her liver. Well she has been hospitalized twice since then and last week they did another cat scan and she now has seven spots on her liver. They think that now she may have liver cancer as well. (YOU THINK?) So now she is up to three; Ovarian, Colon, and possibly Liver cancer. I’d be really surprised if she makes it through the year. I guess it’s going to be another rough year for us. I guess you’ve got to play the cards your delt. (But it really sucks; I’m probably closer to her than her own two children)

Check out this Blog… she’s got some really great pictures on it.

IT’S FRIDAY…. Gotta Love that.

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