Saturday, July 08, 2006

Holiday Madness

Well the fourth of July was this past week. We ended up going to Michigan as planned, the trip was so rough on me I am still in pain. When we got back I had to call my doctor for pain pills. I wouldn't think that with my last chemo treatment being in January that it would still affect me so strongly. My mother-in-law also had a really rough time this weekend. I guess this will be the last trip that we are able to take for awhile.

It was really nice getting to spend time with family though, and the water was so beautiful. My husband's aunt made huge meals all weekend long, it was so delicious. He got to spend some time with his brother and his family. We got to watch the fireworks off of a huge barge in the lake, Michigan on one side, and Canada on the other. We also watched a 4th of July parade, and took all of the kids to a carnival they all had a blast.

When we went to leave on Tuesday we stopped by the cemetery in Detroit, We knew the general area that my husband's father was buried, and we found his grandparents right away, but we were there for an hour trying to find his dad's and his uncle Dennis. We finally found Dennis' headstone sunk into the ground about six inches and covered with grass, and a little while later we found his fathers', also sunk in and covered with grass. It hurt Rick's feelings that his aunts and his brother live right there and they never go to visit their graves and clean them off. He was pretty upset. When he got back to the car the two younger children started asking questions on how they died, and little Ricky asked his dad, "Why do you miss your dad for?" (my husband had already been crying so he tried to answer the best he could) and he said, "Because I can't talk to him or see him anymore. Wouldn't you be sad if you never got to see me?" little Ricky shook his head yes. Then a little while latter he looked at his dad and said, "Daddy, if you died I would miss you!" his eyes were filled with tears and his little chin was quivering. (He's only four) My husband at this point was trying to drive and he started crying again. The little ones have a way of tearing up your heart.

Anyway we got back on the road after that, and seven hours later we finally made it home. I thought I was going to die, my hips and my back were hurting so bad I was crying. We rested for a little bit, and then we went to downtown Indianapolis for the fireworks here. It was pretty nice, but I was so tired and I had to go back to work the next day, I was sucking wind all day.

Oh, by the way my mother had called me while we were still in Michigan on Monday night at 10:50 pm (my mother never calls me that late) we were still at the carnival and I didn't see that she had called until we were getting ready to leave on Tuesday morning. So I figured that something was up, so I called her. My sister Rachel was in the hospital, apparently she was pregnant again. (She already has four children, and she needs another baby about as badly as she needs a hole in her head.) I guess it was a tubal pregnancy so the doctors went in to take it out with a laser (my sister thought that she was about six weeks along, but the doctor said that she was at least two months maybe further along, the baby already had a heartbeat) but anyways they ran into some complications and had to perform surgery they ended up taking one tube and one ovary. The doctor told her that her chances of becoming pregnant again are very slim but if she did get pregnant again she would be in real trouble. They also told her that if she had waited one more day to come in that her tube would have burst and she would have died. They released her on Wednesday and she was back in the emergency room on Thursday. My mother called me (I was finally on my way home after a very long day) and she told me that Rachel was on her way back up to the hospital and that she had her baby with her he's 1 1/2 and she wanted to know if I would go up there with her, and I said, "Are you going up there?" she said, "Well we were just thinking about what we were going to do for dinner." so I told her that I would go up there. Then I asked my mother why didn't she leave William with her husband Bill. She said, "because of the threats." I said, "What threats, what are you talking about." then she went on to inform me that when Rachel was in the hospital before that while she was talking to Bill, that the baby was crying and that he threatened to spank him if he didn't shut up and that he was going to lock him in the bedroom until he knocked that shit off......????? I said WTF are you talking about, he better not put his hands on those kids, or we are going to have a serious problem. Why is she putting up with that shit? Why don't she leave him? And my mother told me that he has threatened her, and told her that if she leaves him and takes the baby that he would burn her and the kids out of where ever they were at. (My sister has three other children from her first marriage) So I go up to the hospital to see my sister and I asked her what was going on, and told her what my mother had said. She said, "Oh you know how mom is she always over reacts." I told Rachel if I ever found out that he has put his hands on those kids there was going to be a serious problem. I don't care that she is my sister, if she lets that shit go on I will call CPS on them myself. I know that the kids are just stuck there with what seems no way out, but it doesn't have to be that way. My mother has had all three of the older children (one child per week for the past three weeks, for summer vacation) and she has talked to every one of them, and asked them if he has been hitting on them; they all said no (so far). I told Rachel that mom had sent me up to the hospital to pick up the baby, but she would not let me take him. She just kept saying no he's alright up here with me, Bill would be mad if I let you take him. I said, "So what, why does it matter what he thinks." she said, "Well he is his dad." I said, "yeah, but he is also the father to 10 other children, but where is he for them?" I think that pissed her off pretty nicely, but at this point I don't give a rats ass!!!! So I offered to take him one last time, she declined so me and little Ricky left.

While we were at the hospital I ran into Granny (Rick's grandmother) she had fallen again and this time a screen door caught her leg, tore the skin off in three places, and fractured a bone in her leg. Poor thing, she'll soon be 90 years old, and is so stubborn!! I cannot even tell you. She refuses to use her cane, hence the falling all of the time.

Earlier in the day I left work early and picked up Courtney (my 13 year old) she started complaing of an ear ache Friday evening (before a holiday weekend) We went out of town Saturday-Tuesday, Wednesday was my first day back to work (and the other office admin was on vacation so I couldn't leave) so Thursday afternoon was the soonest that I could get her in to see the doctor. Back in February I took her for the same thing she couldn't hear and it was bothering her. She has a large ball of wax in her ear, I've put the drops in and tried to flush it out with the bulb syringe, but nothing has worked, and last time we were in the doctor stated that he could pull it out with a small tool right in his office so of course I'm thinking that is what is going to happen at this visit WRONG.... He looked in her ear and stated that it was a little red, so he pulls out his little tool to try to get the wax out, she screamed as loud as she could yanked his hand away from her ear and was crying hysterically.... So of course the doctor steps back, and says that the redness is swimmers ear and he prescribed some ear drops to clear that up, and then he said that the ball of wax is so huge that it is bigger than the width of her ear canal, and she will need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist, even then he doesn't think that they will be able to get it out without scheduling out an OR and doing surgery to remove it. He said, "Do you know whats so funny about this? She doesn't have anything in her other ear at all." Oh, was I supposed to laugh about that???

After the doctor's appointment we ran to the bank (the two older girls are going to six flags in KY) so I gave her some spending money, then I was taking her over to my cousins house, and she saw Great Clips and said mommy can I? So I took her to get her hair cut. Wait time was 15-20 min. 1 1/2 hours later we left and I took the girls to my cousins house, dropped them off. Went and picked up my other daughter Khrystyne (15 yrs) and little Ricky, dropped Khrys off at her friends house, took Ricky out to eat at Pizza Hut, and when I finally got off of the interstate to go home, that's when my mother called me to go up to the hospital. I got off of work at noon, and never got home until 10:45 p.m. (I hate holidays)

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