Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Warrior

After work on Saturday, I went to the grocery store, and than me and the kids went over to my husbands aunts house for a cookout/house warming party. We were actually a little late getting there and can I say they did not even have the grill going yet (actually they didn't even have a grill at her house) her brother and sister were leaving when I got there to go pick up a grill. So we were there for three hours before they even had the food cooked. My husbands grandmother (granny) must have drank vinegar before she came over because she was going off on everybody, for every little thing (expect for me she likes me) She told his aunt that she didn't like her new house because it was too dark, she said,"I told her to put up some light curtains but she put those thick curtains and no light is coming in the house I don't like that." She went off on another aunt and one uncle before it was all over. (Very entertaining) Afterwards we went to my sisters house to pick up my youngest daughter. She stayed over to go swimming. She had fun.

On Sunday I went upstairs to wake up my husband for church, and I laid down next to him and fell back asleep.... I didn't wake up until 11:30 I can't ever remember a time in my life that I have ever slept until 11:30 in the morning. (Actually I was up at 6:30 and fell back asleep)When we finally did get up we got ready and went over to my mothers house for a Fathers Day cookout. Have I ever mentioned that I truly do not know how I came from this family???? My sister and her husband was there (and the kids) her husband (who is one year younger than my mother, and one year older than our father would have been) kept telling stories of how he disciplined her kids to me it sounded like border line abuse. I can't wait to get my sister to herself, I could kick her ass. My husband finally said, "let's go" because he saw the look on my face where he knew that it would just take one more statement and it was going to be on. Let me back up for a minute... When we got to my mothers nobody had gotten there yet and the grill had not even been started!!!! (Two days in a row,different families, same situation)

After we left my mothers house we took our oldest daughter to my cousins house (she is going to be babysitting for her for the next two weeks) we hung out there for a little while and checked out her new POOL!!! It is huge. I can't wait until they get it finished.

We stopped by my mother-in-laws house on the way home and picked up our other daughter. So I was pretty busy all weekend long, after work tonight I have to go home and work on the laundry. Two more weeks until vacation.... I really need it.

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