Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's a GIRL!!

Well Sunday was my husbands birthday, so we had a cookout, I invited his mother, grandmother, uncle, sister and her kids, my mom & her husband. I didn't think that anybody was going to show there for awhile, I told everyone to come around 1pm and I don't think that anyone started showing up until after 2pm. Maybe they heard me wrong, but I sure am glad that they finally showed up because I had made a ton of food. My sister-in-law came and brought her two kids, and her on again off again boyfriends kids sans the boyfriend. (My husband is still waiting to see him again) (He keeps going back and forth from my sister-in-law to his children's mother, he has broken into her house and wrote nasty things on her walls in black spray paint, he has hit her and everything else, last I heard they were broken up again, but I guess that's changed) On Saturday I planted a bunch of flowers, and some shrubs so I could barley function on Sunday because I was so sore. My muscles feel like they have turned to mush, it must be a side effect from all of that chemo that I took, but I managed to get everything done. Anyway he enjoyed himself.

My friend went to the doctor's today, and she is having a GIRL!!! How is that for being right on the money. She actually had to have the ultrasound done twice because the baby did not want to corporate. Anyways how exciting. She is five months and one week along and she is not even showing yet she is still wearing her normal everyday clothes. By two months with all four of my kids I couldn't even think about wearing regular clothes.

I go with my mother-in-law to her doctors appointment tomorrow morning. She has stage four cancer, and they were wanting to do surgery on her again (this would make 23-25 surgeries) Her main doctor had told her last year if they ever had to open her up again she probally would not make it off of the table alive. So two weeks ago all of her surgeons and cancer doctors got together to discuss her options and what they all thought, so tomorrow we get to find out the verdict. It feels like a death sentence. I think that I am more scared about going to her appointment than I am when I have to go and see if my cancer has come back. So I guess I'm pretty nervous for her. (Wish her luck) On a side note, my husband has to work tomorrow and can't get off, but his sister won't even go with their mother to see what the doctor's have to say. So I'm taking off of work so she doesn't have to be alone. (That girl is so worthless)

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