Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well it's been over a week since my last posting, and I don't even know where to start. I guess first off I will tell a funny story. My 12 year old daughter came to work with me on Saturday (1/2 day) and she was playing on the internet when she found my blog, she asked me about it, I told her what it was (she thought the name was funny, of course) she asked to read my blog, I told her no it's personal (I haven't given my blog out to friends or family). So anyway when she came home from school yesterday she said that one of her friends found this blog on the internet and was telling her about it. Somehow the name of my blog came up, and my daughter told her friend I think that's my mom's webpage, they started talking about what is on the blog and my daughter told her no I really think that is my mom's. Her friend started laughing and made a comment about the name of my blog, and how she was surprised that a mother would use that name. Anyway what are the chances of that happening?

Same daughter different story: She fell at gym last week and called me at work, I went and picked her up and took her to the Doctors she dislocated her knee cap and has an MCL strain. I had to take her to and Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday and thank God it looks like she will only need physical therapy (three times a week). No surgery as of yet. But anyway I've been getting on to her about doing her exercises, and last night I told her to do them and she said NO I'm not going to do it, and you can't make me. So of course she did them. I also emailed her PE teacher and let her know that she could do one set of her exercises for gym (since she can't participate in gym for the rest of the school year) I guess this teacher is a real Bi**h, so she will make her do them. She was so pissed at me for that. But as many of you other parents out there know you have to pay your children back when the opportunity presents itself, for all of the yelling, screaming, and stomping that they do. (Not to mention throwing fits in the store, or in front of company) So it feels good to get them back once in a while.

So if my daughter's friend is reading this "HI".

Also if you want to see some funny videos, pictures, or jokes check out my friends website @ he's got some really funny stuff on there.

Oh yeah the Cancer retreat was OK, but not really my cup of tea. I don't want to dwell on the fact that I have cancer, as long as I am in remission I just want to put it behind me and live my life. So pretty much that was probably my last time going.

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