Thursday, May 18, 2006

Doctors DOctors DOCtors!!

Well today I go back to the doctors for blood work to see if my cancer has came back. I've had a couple of bruises that won't go away (2 1/2 weeks) so I'm really nervous about this check up. That and I had a really bad dream two days ago that I was dying. I'm really not superstious, but for some reason it really has me shook up. (I saw myself in a mirror deathly thin with the knowledge that I was dying) and no way have I told my husband, he would be so worried.

My mother-in-laws appointment did not go very well last week they want to start her on Chemo again, and they also have found a spot on her liver. (they are not 100% sure that it is cancer, but pretty sure) they will do another cat scan in 4 months and decide where to go from there. So for the mean time she refused treatment, the ovarian cancer that she has is very slow going so the doctors think that it would be ok to postpone treatment. Although I think that she should just do it, it's her not me so I'll just stand by her decision.

Now my step-dad is in the hospital he is going to have to get a stint put in one of his arteries (it is totally blocked) They said he has heart and lung damage, soooo just one more to add to the pot.

I truly think that the reason people are getting cancer so much more is because of the foods we eat. With all of the preservatives and dyes, and everything else that they put into our foods. It's just not meant for human consumption..... My cancer may have been caused by my job though I work for a pest control company, and exposure to benzene has been linked to Leukemia. Now they are saying that there is benzene in diet sodas also so who really knows. I know that my husbands grandmother will be 90 years old this August she still lives alone she still plants a garden every year, and cans all of her own vegetables, and she is as healthy as a horse. Her heart is strong, and she is still going. I'm considering going semi-vegetarian I'm still weighing my options on that but it has worked for her, and I don't want to get sick again.

My oldest daughter went to an underclassman dance last Friday, she looked so beautiful, and I could kick myself now because I forgot to take her picture. (Bad Mom)

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